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    I cant remember which way this goes but my buddy who is a ham cut a wire in either his GRMS or his Baufeng and it allowed it into the other radios freq band, making it multi use, . Maybe one of the techs like BT will be able to advise further.
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  2. BTPost

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    Hey @fedorthedog, Yep. Most of these consumer Radios, are just rebranded Commercial Radio designs, that are Band Limited when sold into the non-commercial Markets. My two Kenwood TH-D72As were locked on the Ham Bands, when purchased, but within 20 minutes of acquiring them, I had the Backs off, and the Chip Resister removed to give them Full Frequency Bandwidth capable.
    (100 - 170 Mhz & 400 - 520 Mhz Tx/Rx) I did the same with my three Kenwood TM-D710As. (Base, Rhino, and Red Toyota 4X4)
    All have 1000 Memory Channel Capability, so I have them loaded with ALL, the Marine, Aircraft, Public Safety, MURS, FRE/GMRS, Ham, and any other Frequencies, that I might need to monitor, or communicate on....

    Note Here: In some States it is ILLEGAL to posses a Receiver, in a Mobile Vehicle, that can monitor Public Safety Frequencies...
    It is NOT ILLEGAL to POSSES a Modified Radio, HOWEVER, it is ILLEGAL to Tx, on ANY Frequency that you do NOT hold an FCC License, to use... FRS, CB, MURS, and non-Commercial Marine Vessels, & Aircraft, are covered by FCC Blanket Licenses that cover ALL Us Citizens, and Landed Resident Aliens....
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  3. Ganado

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    @BTPost I didnt understand this part. Could you elaborate?

    "...Modified Radio, HOWEVER, it is ILLEGAL to Tx, on ANY Frequency...." what is Tx?
  4. AD1

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    Tx= Transmit

    Rx= Receive

    So when are you getting your ham radio license?

    I know someone in Tempe that can help:rolleyes:
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  5. ghrit

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    Transmitters can be made to transmit on any particular frequency, and commercially available units are arranged to prevent transmission off the allocated spectrum. (Amateur radio is allocated parts of the radio spectrum, and is not allowed to transmit outside of those frequencies.) BT is talking about very easy modifications to transmitters that enable transmitting "out of (allocated) band" which is illegal and costly if caught.
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    TX is transmit and RX is receive. Out of band transmissions, especially those that interfere with other services will have the FCC knocking on one's door.

    Ham rigs with transistor RF finals include a general coverage receiver. That means they transmit Ham bands only and receive from 500 kHz (commercial AM radio) to 30 MHz. To unlock them so they transmit or receive from 500kHz to 30 Mhz requires cutting a diode. As I was involved with MARS or Military Auxiliary Radio Systems my rig's diode was cut. My rig is also modified to switch the fan on about 10C earlier and some other tricks.

    FYI Wouxoun
    Are Wouxoun Radios Illegal? - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog
  7. Ganado

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    Thanks @AD1 and @Tikka I just didn't understand what 'Tx' stood for.
  8. Tikka

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    The second paragraph was more for others.

    If and when SHTF, being able to go where the average person can't will be an advantage.
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  9. fyrmanswanny

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    Thank you, some of your suggestions as to CB radios are interesting. Something I never considered. My dad one in his Jeep, their club used them for years.
  10. Yard Dart

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    Just picked u one of these Midland portable radio's to throw in my company truck. It adds another layer of comm's, when on the clock away from home. Having the Weather channel is a great tool around here since our patterns are continually changing.

    It can either be used off the trucks power or I can throw the standard/ rechargeable battery pack on it and add it to my GHB kit if I have to move on foot. I added an external truck antenna as well for the extra range. The stand alone unit's antenna is short range of course and has it's limitations. Midland 75-822 Black Handheld Portable Mobile 40-Ch VHF NOAA Weather CB Radio: Sports & Outdoors
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    I just watched this video last night.

    His top ten communications were:
    1. Cell Phone
    2. Multi-Band Scanner
    3. AM/FM Radio
    4. Weather Radio
    5. Shortwave Radio
    6. FRS Radios
    7. GMRS Radios
    8. CB Radios
    9. Marine
    10. Ham / Amateur Radio

    He broke the communications down into receive and transmitter. He seemed to really like the multi-band scanner though emergency personnel are using encrypted channels so I am wondering if the multi-band would be as informative/effective.
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  12. Yard Dart

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    I like to use my scanner and I do pick up quite a bit of traffic. But like most major metro areas, the most interesting channels are ususally encrypted.

    Now if SHTF, it would be a vital tool to pick up any unsecured comm's..... but like any tool, you nee.d to know how to use it in advance or "troubles".
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    @Yard Dart so a scanner is a good investment and would be truly be a valuable tool in your opinion? I have about half the list in my post but I am feeling like a pack rat...... lots of stuff for just in case.
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  14. Yard Dart

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    There pretty cheap....get one.
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  15. as1mov

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    I've a couple of 'Presidents' a Lincoln #1 and a Jackson #1. The Jackson has been modded to give UK40 FM and output 30W on 10mtrs.
    I keep both in a 'Faraday' box' when not in use. 'JUST IN CASE' hehe Jackson.JPG Lincoln.JPG
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