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    The 6 simple machines:

    • Lever
    • Wheel and axle
    • Pulley
    • Inclined plane
    • Wedge
    • Screw

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    There are lots of uses for inclined planes. One of them is a screw/hand auger/bits. Fuller Tool 890-1071 12-Point Reversible Ratchet Brace with 2-Jaw Chuck: Home Improvement

    If the SHTF, how are you going to build stuff? You'll need things like:

    • handsaw
    • hammer
    • nails (tip inclined plane)
    • hand plane
    • hand auger/bits
    • screws (inclined plane)
    • shovel
    • axe (another inclined plane)
    • mattock/pick-axe
    • chisel (with a way to sharpen) (and another)
    • files
    • crowbar (lever)
    • drawknife

    What about lumber? A guy with a portable sawmill would make a mint (provided there was some law and order)

    Poor Boy's Sawmill - YouTube

    Band Saw Mill.wmv - YouTube

    The six simple machines is also something good to get your kids involved with. There are tons of stuff on the net for kids on this top. Teach them now and play games to keep them looking for things that are simple machines. It will pay off later.
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