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    I'm going to start a series of threads related to simple machines with the intent to urge you to include these tools in your preps. Feel free to add, just make sure to start the title "basic tools" and identify the tool so that it will be easier to search. You could also tag.

    So, there are 6 simple machines. They are tried and true and implementations of these 6 will be of much utility if the SHTF.

    • Lever
    • Wheel and axle
    • Pulley
    • Inclined plane
    • Wedge
    • Screw

    The block and tackle is an example of a pulley and used for lifting heavy loads. Don't forget to have real carabiners, straps, rope, and anchors.

    Pulley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Six Simple Machines in Construction from Construction

    HowStuffWorks "How a Block and Tackle Works"

    Jiske-h Syo-ny: Block And Tackle For Post SHTF

    You have to watch the whole series:
    Rope and Pulley Systems-segment 1 - Pulley Basics & the Pulley Principle.pds.m2ts - YouTube

    Tree Pulling Kit 5:1 Mechanical Advantage - YouTube
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    I had to show you my B&T on the porch. =) I got this at a silent auction for $5

    Lots of memories as a kid logging trees with the old man. Nice to have my own.
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    Basic Machines

    I'll have to check out the other posts as they come up. I'm an auto/hvy equipmnt mechanic by trade, and use all of them at one time or another.
    I have an old army field manual titled Rigging dated late 60's early 70's, (I have it here somewhere?!?) and wounder if it has a copyright on it? It shows all the tools you stated in you're post in one chapter or more. If not copyrighted I could try to make a PDF and post it for everyone.:D

    To Brokor my wife and I were laid off for about 6 mnths and I sold pulpwood and firewood to make ends meet, aahh the good old days:D
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