BATF Scandal: Operation Gunrunner

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    The batboys have been hip deep in another criminal enterprise for a while, and now there's a body count. ATF's "Operation Gunrunner" is all about the allegedly high number of US guns ending up south of the border in cartel hands. We've all heard Hillary, et al bleat about this for months. Turns out Arizona ATF has for months now been sending guns seized in American cases south in the hands of their snitches to pad the numbers. Just before Christmas one of those rifles was used to shoot Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in the back, killing him.

    There's plenty known about this, and a handful of us have been trying to get the word out with very little success. I have tried to get a couple of radio talksters to run with this, to no avail. Hours of time wasted walking their producers through this mess. I had equally dismal success with a former congresscritter known for his border stance and a with so-called gun rights activist in Iowa, wouldn't even respond to me despite the documented fact that Senator Grassley's staff knows all about this and is sitting on it as well.

    Best sources are here Sipsey Street Irregulars and here Codrea - Gun Rights Examiner. You'll have to scroll back through a few weeks worth of posts at each site to get the whole story, but these are good sites to read anyway. (Sipsey Street in particular, because a lot of us Monkeys are Three Percenters even though we don't know it yet.)

    Mike at Sipsey Street has good sources inside ATF, and has been a thorn in their side for years. He has ATF agents willing to testify about ATF's criminal actions, but they need whistle blower protection and no officials are stepping up to protect them. (And protection is a necessity, given that ATF is one of the most corrupt/rogue federal agencies there is.) For two weeks now, I've had Mike's permission to give out his home and cell numbers to radio shows. He's perfectly willing to spend the time documenting everything for them, but no-one I've contacted has been willing to run with the story.

    We had high hopes that the story would break last week, but the shooting in Arizona and the spectacle that followed gave everyone the distraction needed to shove this Arizona story completely off the table. (Good timing, eh?)

    Please read up on this, and spread the word.
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    Links to recent articles at both sites mentioned above:

    - Open Letter

    - Timeline of the scandal

    The continued inaction of every elected representative contacted thus far is further evidence that we the people have been sold a bill of goods about any difference between Rethuglicans and Dhimmicrats. Both the party in power and the newly minted "opposition" are apparently equally happy to stand silent as ATF lies, cheats, steals and kills to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

    The silence of every reporter contacted thus far is no surprise either. Just remember you can't trust the bastards any further than you can throw them.
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    Not too many folks know about this project. It needs to continue to be widely circulated.
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    Has it been pitched to Alex Jones? Sounds right up his alley. Jesse Ventura too, if he's still got his show on the air.
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    I think he has covered this story in the past, but unless he can get the agents and other insiders on his show, it's all just as effective as a news article. I don't know if he knows about this particular portion of the story, but Alex definitely knows a great deal about gun running and the CIA/ATF/FBI and mafia cartel action in the SW United States.

    What is the reason he doesn't concentrate heavily on this? I don't know, maybe he realizes the people can't do anything to stop it until they learn to stand up, take part, and hold their servants accountable. I think Jones is frustrated because he can see how desperate the situation really is and nobody seems to be taking it seriously enough.
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    I was reading about this in my Rifleman mag while squeezing a herm out. I was pretty pissed.
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    You mean a Pelosi? How to, she's already gone.
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    I find this one very interesting since I live about 20 minutes from the border.

    I don't expect much success from Gunrunner. To apply 100 agents to a 2000 mile stretch of border is ludicrous. It's like trying to cover arterial bleeding with a band aid.

    Is there some crazy conspiracy to pad numbers? Absolutely. They were pointed out the first time H. Clinton tried to use the numbers in a debate. The % of guns traced to the US was only a fraction of the guns recovered.... the ones that they already knew by make originated here.

    Is there some conspiracy to run guns across to prove something? I don't know. Until these so called whistle blowing agents get loud, no one can confirm this. It's all hear-say. The question I would ask is this- why bother with physically running guns across when you can just make up numbers? That is truly what I expect from BATFE. It's the simpler solution. No risk of getting caught (nearly no risk).

    To understand what I mean by risk, you have to live on the border. For instance, there are four agencies I encounter on a daily basis. FBI, BP, BATFE, and DEA. All have offices in my city for obvious reasons. I can't go to the grocery store without sharing a line with an agent. I can't go hunting without a BP chopper calling in my position to a game warden. None of these agencies seem to work well together. There is always arguments over jurisdiction. When one agency picks someone up for violating what the other agency covers, they aren't likely to help each other. If one was running guns for BATFE, there is a good likelihood of inadvertently being caught by another random agency. Take the NPS for example. The NPS has paramilitary groups down here that fill in the gaps for BP along NPS land. BP isn't allowed onto FEDERAL NPS land. WTF? And they rarely talk to BP to coordinate patrols. I am extremely surprised there hasn't been a blue on blue yet. Fine for the NPS. They get more funding. This takes me to the real issue at hand. FUNDING.

    All BATFE wants is funding. The border is how you get that right now.

    ETA: Are guns being illegally transported across the border? I am sure of it. I watched a Mexican national be arrested at a gunshow in Tucson back in JUL. Interesting enough, it was a local cop busting him. Is it worth the effort they are putting forth? Hell no. Since the stories of guns and smuggling here typically come from the other side of the border, accompany coyotes, and are automatic in nature. BATFE should be protecting us from them. Not protecting Mexican citizens from a the small % of the problem in Mexico that might originate here. You have to ask yourself, is BATFE a Mexican or American agency?
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    I called this in to Alex today, giving some links. It got put on the shelf in mainstream media because of the Tucson shootings.All the ABC's have turned against the American people from the start.
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    Just a NOTE, here... Friday, the Justice Departments Inspector General released a "Scathing" Report on this whole BATF mess, in Operation Gunrunner. I saw some more information posted by Matt Drudge as well.This is slowly making its way into the Media consciousness, but so far is getting left behind by the 'Pundants", due to it not being conducive, to their liberal agenda.
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    Senator Chuck Grassley, (R)Iowa, whose staff has been aware of this for weeks, is finally turning up the heat on BATF acting director Melson.

    Here's the first letter he sent: January 27th letter

    And a much stronger letter, after BATF retribution abainst suspected whistle blowers: January 31st letter

    All the Sipsey Street Gunwalker articles are HERE and it's worth the read to see how much work went into getting someone to pay attention.

    We all need to contact Grassley's office, voice our support and ask him to get more Senators/Congressmen involved. There's an e-mail form at his website but it appears to be for Iowa constituents only, so I would suggest we write, call or fax. (Or all three!)

    Sen. Chuck Grassley
    135 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    (202) 224 - 3744
    Fax: (202) 224-6020
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