BATFE after your shotguns now

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I guess my Moss 590 w/breacher is going to be an issue? Only carries 9 rounds for sporting use. Of course my concept of sporting may be twisted a bit. I took it out and it shot pretty good on the Trap with it's 18.5 inch barrel. Maybe I should pull the light and laser...... want to be legitimate don't you know.

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    My Idea of sporting is telling them to drop what they have and leave or Bang.....
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    Any feedback on the Weatherby home defense shotguns?
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    Kiss my shotgun totin a**!!

    Can we puh-LEEEZ hurry up and vote that stupid bastard out of office?

    All I will do is bulk up on shotguns, toss them in the canoe, and head downstream for a while.
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    We need to speak loudly and clearly to everyone that we do not intend for any of our weapons to be for sporting purposes; they are for defense of our life and OF OUR LIBERTY! Period...end of discussion.
    Just the fact that those A-holes think they have a right to any input at all of what I own to defend my life and liberty with is so is them that I may be defending myself against. I do not care what laws they pass, they do not get a vote in what I own to defend myself, my family, and my property with.
    I do not know how to state it more clearly than that! The line is drawn in the sand and if anyone steps over it, I will ****ing shoot them.
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    Gotta love Seacowboy's response...even though the dateline on the article is
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    yes the article may be older but the debate and actions being taken at the BATFE are still on going.

    I keep reading the constitution and no where does it say 'For Sporting Purposes' so suck it Trebeck!
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    Sporting use ?

    What is the bag limit on tyrants ?
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    There is no limit on them. Unfortunately, they are typically pretty dangerous summabitches.

    If one were going to hunt a tyrant, I might suggest multiple groups of hunters with at least one over watch per group preferably more.

    Them tyrants being the alpha beast, tend to surround themselves with a bunch of wanna bees (betas) in close company. Then there are the crowders (gammas) that worship the tyrant beast and you might have to battle through them even before you can get to the alpha. But you might not even get that close due to the roving disciples (deltas) that are waiting in the wings to pounce on anyone wishing ill on the alpha.

    Of course with the judicious use of long range plumbous delivery mechanisms and your own Omega man, it might be possible to cut through the red tape. But make sure that the Omega dude also gets a bunch of the betas too or else one of them will quickly assume the role of tyrant.

    Gotta make it so no one wants to be a tyrant and an alpha. [freedom]
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