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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dragonfly, May 6, 2009.

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    I hate those initials, as it's always getting longer and longer and longer...
    Being of "unsound" mind, (which I really don't mind!) and definitely an infirm body (yup it's NOT the years, it's the mileage!) I really want to know something....
    Since I don't do well when reading a lot of mind scrambling technical and political gibberish....
    In laymen's terms:
    What would it take, "licensing wise", to start a primer manufacturing business?
    (Other than capital: $$$) ?
    The technology is really quite simple, and having done some recent research on varied subjects having to do with this.....
    Would it still require a licensing for "destructive devices"?
    The basic chemicals needed would require certain licensing for certain....
    They are on the "hot list" to be monitored by the federales.
    To me, at least, it appears to be an obscenity to have to pay $2,500 to $5,000.00 in federal fees each year, to be "licensed" to make something that in and of itself, is pretty much NOT an explosive, but contains a compund that is construed to be such.
    But, I can bet that IF some have their way, each and every primer will require a separate $200 tax stamp, as a destructive device!
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    Back in the good old days black powder mills were built way outside of town because they would blow up unexpectedly. Usually nobody could figure out what happened; the workers knew enough to be careful, the equipment was made of non-sparking material, no sources of fire were around.

    Accidents happen.

    The problem with primer compound isn't when it's in little dabs in each primer, it's when you're taking that little dab from a big chunk and putting it in each primer. As I understand it, primer compound is as unstable as a politician's promise, more sensitive than an annoyed girlfriend and more powerful, by weight, than dynamite. I wonder if this is really a business you want to get into.
  3. dragonfly

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    The problem is in the quantity mixed....I plan on staying in grams, opposed to ounces/pounds.
    It's vastly safer and much easier, except for the measurements, it gets dicey at the smaller amounts.
    Not sure, but will continue to research it!
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