Bath Salts??

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  1. Bath Salts?

    02:00 Black male brought by ambulance for intoxication and weird behavior. Pt was out drinking and suddenly had gone down to a fetal position growling and not responding in a human manner to any questions from his friends

    02:15 stepped outside the room to get some meds and equipment I needed for this patient.

    02:17 turn around and see that patient had taken his clothes off (still wearing underwear) and was standing by the sliding glass door fixated in me with a frozen gaze.

    02:18 I enter the room demanding that patient would return to his stretcher (many years in the trauma team have given me a commanding ability to de-escalate most situations) but this time…

    With a savage growl the black individual attacked me, the years in the military help me avoid his mouth trying to bite me and hit him in the ribs in a way that had sent many men to the ground before. Not this guy, he turns in mid air like a cougar, bounces from the stretcher and jump at me again, same maneuver, this time I use more force, but same effect…nothing. This guy continues to look at me like I’m a deli sandwich and other ER nurses start to enter the room. It took 12 of us to hold him down for long enough for leather restraints to me applied, face net and a titanic amount of anti-psychotics and sedatives to be given

    02:55 Patient is finally out

    03:20 pt moved to safe room n psych ward heavily medicated, and tied down.

    Notes: not one time this guy tried to punch, slap, kick or head butt me. All he was trying to do was to bite.

    I’m really freaked out.
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    Lot of crazy crap going on out there. Stay safe Hawk
  3. Tracy

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    What did tests show? Do bath salts even show up on a screen?

    It would be interesting to know. Keep us posted.
  4. The main problem for me is that the Miami guy resulted negative for bath salts. Not everyone has the ability to test for it (we don't as far as I know) but from the many cases within the last few weeks I am sure that some were. What if they are all negative for bath salts? What is this thing then? Does the government know something we don't? Why are the authorities pushing bath salts as a reason when it seems that it might not be the truth? Is this a virus? A biological weapon that leaked? I dunno. What I do know is that all over the country ER nurses and doctors like myself are wrestling these people unprotected, thinking its drug related, but if it's viral how does it spread? Are we at risk? Bite, spit, breathing?? What does it take to get it? I think I'm sick to my stomach thinking about this
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    My suggestion is to have zombie kit on standby.
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    He is secure and still alive, that means you should be able to safely keep a watch on him from this point on. Maybe if he wakes up and comes out of it he can tell you what drugs he took... or not.

    Please keep us up to date.

    Stay safe, TH!
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    I just read there's some laws being penned in DC to outlaw the ingredients in bath salts. Sometimes....I'm such a dumb@$$: I thought "bathsalts" was just a media pet name for some new designer drug that looked like bath salts.

    How do homeless people figure out how to use actual bath salts to get high. Jeez...people really have too much time on their hands.
  8. Tracy

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    It is a pet name. I thought the same thing GF and wondered what idiot thought that his Mom's lavendar-scented bath product would be a great idea one Saturday night. :D They're not really bath salts. They're just marketed that way in mini marts and head shops so that they can be sold - along with the standard "not for human consumption" warning that users give a wink and a nod to.

    The 3 major substances that they (DEA) were worried about were outlawed in October of 2011 - but I guess that only lasts about a year, then will be looked at again.

    I read up today and found that there is no way to test for those substances. That, to me, sounds a little ridiculous, as once you know what chemical you're looking for, you can then look for it, right? If this is such a big deal, and getting bigger, some tox lab somewhere should be all over it!
  9. BTPost

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    Tracy, You are correct... There are definitive Tests, for ANY, and ALL Chemical Compounds... What the Talking Heads are saying, is that there is NOT a simple Idiot-proof Test Strip type Test for these compounds, that any Hospital, Clinic, or Cop Shop can have on hand.... Any Good Forensic Lab can determine if these compounds are present in a blood sample, fairly easily. .....
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    The reason they could tell the Miami face eater did not use bath salts is that they had access to his tissue including brain and liver tissue.

    You may not be able to find anything with a UA but when you can run the tissue itself through gas chromatography you will find it.
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    So bath salts aren't really bath salts.... but actually... pond cleaner? Why would anyone think to eat pond cleaner? I think this zombie/bath salt thing is worse then they are letting us know. Someone is placing these new drugs out there- we need to ask who & why. I don't rely on the CDC. About 6 months ago you have 12 girls in NY come down with a mysterious illness and now you have people going around trying to eat each other.

    I don't envy you for working in an emergency room, you are basically on the front-lines when these odd illnesses appear. You do have your gut instinct and your knowledge of what is normal or not. Please keep us updated.
  12. TwoCrows

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    Where are the "bath salts" coming from ?

    They are made in China. Our good friends (NOT)
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    Smart...very smart.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    How about an update? did he come down from what ever it was?
  15. I was off work, I will be back tonight and will for sure update the community. Not really looking forward to tonight's shift bi will admit
  16. Ok update! Even though I'm afraid of sharing this. Most of you will not believe me, and my reputation (if I have one ;) ) will go down the drain. But this is of such a weird nature, that I feel that as a fellow prepper I have to pass down to you. It turns out that my "bitting friend" is related to a staff member that approached me on arrival to work yesterday. She told me the "bitter" was a nice guy that had a good job in a bank and going to school for his masters (I'm actually doing that myself) and that he never got in trouble till Friday night. Furthermore, they haven't heard from him since. I checked with psych and he never made it there. He was transferred to another facility by military staff they told me. This freaked me out, there are only two people that can sign a transfer at night. The nursing house supervisor, and the ER charge nurse. I spoke to the supervisor, he did not know anything and had no log of such an event. I was the ER charge nurse :(


    End of story, this guy is a ghost. I told the family member that they should report him missing. We will see what happens! :(
  17. BTPost

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    Have the Family get a Lawyer, and have him go to Federal District Court with a Habius Corpus Writ.... ASAP.....
  18. CATO

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    ...can't wait for the movie.
  19. TwoCrows

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  20. Oh no! Please don't let this thing be a virus please God, none of us used necessary precautions to deal with a viral (specially airborne). I do not want to turn into one of those things
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