Batman is GAY????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, May 22, 2012.

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    "So Robin? Does this utility belt make my butt look bigger"?
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    Other boards are calling out Superman. Which means Lois Lane never had a chance. WHich, come to think about it, even if she married the Man of Steel - it could only end badly - for her.

    Could be other characters coming out of the closet....

    The Hulk. He never did get the girl, now we know why.

    As you noted - the whole Batman & Robin, the boy wonder thing seemed a little sketchy all along.

    Wonder Woman? She is an Amazon after all.... no men allowed on her home island? Hello.

    You could pick any number of these cartoon 'superheros' and find something or many things that in the light of today's corrupted world would set off a persons GAYDAR.

    Don't read 'em. Never let the kids read 'em, just too many other things that are a far better choice to spend scarce cash on - even more so these days.
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  4. UGRev

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    Seriously? now my kids have to have comic book faggots as hero's if they want to call Batman or superman their hero???? **** that ****. Time for new hero's.

    If gays want a super hero, fine.. make your own. Don't co-opt classics that we grew up with to suite your foul lifestyle.
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    As if re-writting Huck Finn wasn't bad enough....
  7. Tracy

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    Really?! Batman?! Nah! I could see Aquaman...or Plastic Man (maybe). ;)
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  8. Seawolf1090

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    DC's arttistic style sucks. No wonder they lag Marvel so bad. It wouldn't bother me if DC folded. Superman gave up his US citizenship, now one is gonna be gay? They lost me long ago as a reader, and I'll never go back.
  9. gunbunny

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    Why's everybody gotta bust up on Aquaman?

    I have to agree with Seawolf, I only read Sgt Rock, Tales From The Crypt, Tigers of Terra, and Scud- The Disposable Assassin when I was a child and young adult. Superheros always seemed lame in comparison.
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  10. limpingbear

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    They re-wrote Huck Finn? When?[wannamesswitme]
  11. RightHand

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    I was addicted to Frank Buck, Bring 'em Back Alive comics - Up in my tree house, a bottle of coke and a Frank Buck story and I was lost for the afternoon
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  12. larryinalabama

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    The queers dont know when to stop, but there winning and aeve have support of the puppet leader of the so called free world.... God help us
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  13. RightHand

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    The same could be said for the antics of some non-"queers"
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  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    Batman to Buttman. [stirpot]
  15. VisuTrac

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    IMNSHO, Who cares?

    Does it really effect me or my future? No? Well then it's just a waste of time concerning my self with such foolishness as I've got to weed the garden.
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  16. Quigley_Sharps

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    Really? It seems the libs are the ones obsessed with "gayness". Do they all have such terrible brother/daddy issues that they can't possibly comprehend two males being close friends and close working partners without it being sexual? Obviously our President/Vice President setup is "utterly gay" since it has involved two males since the founding of the country. And don't forget Center/Quarterback, Pitcher catcher,and Jockey and Horse..;)
  17. larryinalabama

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    Since this is a survival site, I will contuniur be be politically incorrect, homosexuality offers nothing for Humans to continjue to survive. Further mor forcint our moiltary to serve in close quarters with gays is demorlizing. I would never let my young children to have a school teachaer who is gay, its just common sense.
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  18. Alpha Dog

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    I agree it's not the fact they choose to live that way I could care less. Im a lesbian trapped in a mans body. What does bother me is others forcing me to accept it and acting as if Im a bad person because I don't want them teaching my children because I don't believe in it and my religon forbids it. Forcing things to change to pull them into it because they feel left out, flaunting it in the streets. They have the right to be whatever they want and I have the right to not accept accept what ever I choose.
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  19. F. Ticious

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    What happens when a classic book contains words that are no longer considered acceptable by society? That's the question that a rerelease of a classic is bringing up.

    A new version of Mark Twain's famous book Huckleberry Finn is being released...but it's going to be a little more PC. According to Publisher's Weekly, the new edition of Huck Finn will no longer have "nigger" or "injun" in the text. The words will be replaced with "slave." This will make the book more accessible for grade school readers, who previously were unlikely to read it due to the words.

    So, is this rewriting a good thing so that the text can be more accessible to younger kids, or does it dilute a powerful book that portrays an important era in history?

    When asked about this change, many educators responded with a resounding answer that this is a horrid idea, sucking the teaching moments out of an important work of literature.

    Antoinette Kuritz grew up in a home that didn't tolerate racism before it was known as racism. "My father refused to participate in purchasing a house from a neighbor threatening to sell to a black family. 'If they can afford a home in this neighborhood, welcome,' was what he told our irate neighbors. His best friend, whom I called 'Uncle' was black," explains Kuritz.

    As an educator, she used Huckleberry Finn in her classroom. "My students openly discussed racism and bigotry in my classroom -- it was not a topic swept under the rug in the hopes it would smell less rancid. Out of sight, out of mind was not an option," says Kuritz, who now works with Strategies PR and the La Jolla Writers Conference.

    When it comes to changing the language used in the classic tome, she thinks it's terribly misguided -- and ignorant. "It is a sad commentary on our educational system that a book which has done so much to demean racism and show the common humanity among us, a book which has opened the eyes of children to racism, which has created dialogue about it, and which was written by someone so patently against racism, fails to be understood for its real value. You cannot sanitize history by sanitizing the language in a book which represents that history," says Kuritz.

    Others agree, saying that Huckleberry Finn's use of offensive language is an honest, historical look at how the country used to be. "We don't learn by hiding the dark secrets of our past; we learn by facing them head on. Leaving the words in there so that teachers can discuss why they were used in the novel and why they are offensive is an important part of our children's education as Americans," says Heidi Waterfield, Ed.M., an educational consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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  20. CATO

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    You're missing the point here. It doesn't matter which one is gay...or that Spider-man was killed off to meet diversity quotas.

    Your attitude is the same as someone saying "why should I care about small-time farmers. I don't own a farm.

    The point is that PC social engineering is invading every aspect of our lives like some foul smelling stench that could only be created from the minds of Utopian idealists who don't want norms, morals, values, or mores.

    You're right...this adds nothing TO your takes things away from it. Kids used to hold these superheros up as role models. Now, libtards are using them to push an agenda. Just like stealing the rainbow and claiming it as theirs.....
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