"Batman massacre" nurse found dead

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    One of the nurses who cared for many of the shooting victims in Aurora the morning after the shooting, (and who therefore spoke with many of the survivors - yes, the same survivors who we suspiciously havn't heard much from in the news...) found dead in a lake in Iowa, drowned after a night time swim...

    This is the Tin Foil Hat lounge, so let's hear it - what do YOU think happened???
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    Strictly conjecture, tin-foil hat type, but perhaps while caring for the wounded and dying she heard some eyewitness / victim testimony and / or treated wounds that weren't consistent with the story as released by the authorities and regurgitated by the media.
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    She met Obama, that's enough for just about anyone to off themselves.
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    I don't know what to think of this. I have read the conspiracy theories on the massacre- multiple shooters, false flag etc... Now this. I do admit that I was "off-the-grid" when the massacre took place so it was not in my face 24/7. I read a couple article regarding this drowning and the timeline just seems off.
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    From what I have seen, she was athletic and a good swimmer.

    That the married mother of a young child would go swimming alone at night and not be found until the next day ???
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    Nothing to see here; move along...
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  7. it's a conspiracy!
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