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    Ok folks, I'm countin' on ya here...
    I'm tired of replacing batteries in electronics. And I know you can get batteries and chargers about everywhere. My problem is that I need to know what sizes to get.
    For instance, if I remember correctly, 2 of the CR123A batteries are the equivalent of an 18650 rechargeable pack in size, shape and voltage.
    I dont know if the type of battery changes the part, i.e. nicad, LiOn, etc.
    So my question is this: Is there a chart or table somewhere that has this information? 'Cause I can't find nuthin!

    Even if a complete reference can't be found, please post what you do know... 3 AA's = ??????

    School me on batteries...I appreciate the help!

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    Start here.
    Battery Cross Reference Chart - Duracell Batteries | AA, AAA, Rechargeable, Coin Button Cross-Reference Battery Charts
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    Batteries plus has cross references in store, helps sort what is what how tje numbers interchange between type, and usually have the needed chargers on hand! I have a light that takes a AA size battery, but its 4.5V, hard to find and expensive! Found its interchange and was able to get 4 for the retail price of 1 commercial, got the needed charger for $15.00!
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    Not really on topic, but whenever I get a battery charger,I try to get one that works on either 12 v dc or 5 v dc. Most simple solar cells , Harbor Freight or any 12 v dc battery system can then charge them without converting it to 110, many systems now have 5 v out for cell phones etc. That and you can recharge them with any car or using a lawn mower engine and an alternator and a 12 v battery. Like having the ability just in case and often about same price and also an excuse to tell the wife why I need the small solar system and a couple in garbage cans just in case. 2 way radios, led lights, power packs on batt tools, optics, security cameras, all reasons to use rechargeable batt and to be able to use 12 v dc to do so.:) The new circuits raise and lower dc voltages very efficiently and don't take up much room or cost much. A lot of the li-ion and such batteries are very difficult to safely charge without their own special charger
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  6. GrayGhost

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    Thanks for the replies. I have some info to look over now. I'll be back with more questions, I'm sure.
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    I think in this one instance that 2-CR123A batteries is twice the voltage of an 18650, although it may be physically the same size. They are both L-ion batteries, so 3.7 volts.
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    ^^^^ true , you just series a voltage but same amps
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    The more I dive into this, the more I realize I need to learn more about them. Down the rabbit hole I go...
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    Yup, some times you can use one battery to replace two but only if the size match(dia) and the single battery must equal the voltage of the two you will replace or vice versa.
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    One of the things that keeps the monkey up and running is seeing that the info the membership can cough up motivates other members to study and learn more of the art of surviving. Case extant, @GrayGhost , we are beyond delighted when suddenly a light comes on. Thank you for the encouragement; the more you learn and can pass along, the more valuable SM becomes.
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    I think the majority rarely put much thought into batteries... just replace it and move on. Maybe substitute for a rechargeable and that's about it.

    There are many nuances to batteries and such, along with so much changing as far as types, technologies, etc that its alot to wrap your head around. Much to be learned here by all.

    I knew about voltage differences. Also recently learned about sabots, as they relate to batteries. My initial post may have been somewhat confusing, and maybe even wrong due to my ignorance and the latest technology.

    For instance, reading through one of the links you posted brought a new term to my attention. By adding the word "format" to my search, it brings up alot more relevant information.

    I really appreciate the input here folks. Work has been relentless on me for some time now, but I'll be back often to check in and add some links to things I've been reading.

    Thanks again, guys!
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    There is also value in the good folks like yourself that maintain this forum, keeping it a place we all want to keep returning to... but you already know that. I hope!
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