Be careful what you do

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    It was Halloween night and a Husband and Wife were to don costumes and go to a Halloween party. The wife came down with a severe headache and through much convincing, talked her husband into going without her while she took a nap. After an hour’s nap and a few aspirin, she felt much better and decided to go and watch her husband’s behavior with out her. She sees him dressed in his costume and dancing with every good looking “witch” out there, grabbing their behinds, whispering in their ears and basically making an arse out of himself. She walks up asks him if he wants to dance and he does the same thing with her, and after the dance he whispers in her ear – care to go out for some fun in the parking lot? After a half hour in the car, they head back to the dance and she decides to go home from the party to question her husband on his behavior. Its 2:00 a.m. when he sneaks into the house and sees her still up sitting on the couch reading. She begins with “how was the party dear?” He says well, it was boring without you and I had no one to dance with and found four other guys and we played poker all night. She asks, “You never danced one dance?” and he replied why “no dear” not one. He told her that I sure wished you there so I could have had more fun – but man you should have heard how much fun the guy had that borrowed my costume!
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