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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Aug 12, 2011.

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    This is so wrong that I am at a loss for words.
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    I think she needed Falc's Universal Translator.
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    I sent the Jefferson County Sheriff an email. I was not so nearly tongue tied with him.
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    I will USE the Universal Translator on ANY varmint, two or four legged that enters my property WITHOUT my permission. PERIOD. Badge or NO. I am protected by the laws of Texas, baby. Want my rabbits? MOLON LABE!
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    I was thinking about you Falcon when I read that story.
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    Yeah. I love my rabbits...fried, stewed, roasted, and canned.
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    No warrant; illegal search/seizure; threats....why don't they use the Constitution as toilet paper.

    Here again we see the trend of threatening the citizen who tries to document injustice.

    I hope a great attorney picks her case up and brings the genius with the badge to the rolls of the unemployed.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    If there is any justice at all, she will OWN that police force - hope she gets a good Legal Beagal on their butts! A clear case of abuse of a 'crime' program, and the local LEO having NO knowledge of what they are dealing with. Any deaths of those animals falls squarely upon the authorities involved in this affair.
    This shows how the 'Animal Rights' nazis are bent on putting the small farmers out of business, using the slippery slope of 'animal abuse' as a crutch. Pretty soon, our stores will be meatless, and everyone had better learn to like tofu and sprouts. We'll be eating 'rabbitfood'........
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  10. BTPost

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    Her attorney needs to get into Court, with a MASSIVE Unlawful Breach of Peace Lawsuit, against the County, the Sheriff, and EVERYONE who set foot on her Property. Haul them ALL into Court, get them UNDER Oath, and get the FACTS out, about the Treats and Intimidation. Then let the local Judge decide who has he most creditability, and if the Sheriff is an ELECTED Official, let him sweat out his next reElection, BIG TIME.... The only thing I have ever heard worse that this, was the State of Texas separating all those children from their Mothers, and that was resolved in the Mothers favor by the Texas Supreme Court. Now do NOT get "ME" wrong here. Warren Jeffs is SCUM of the highest order, and got exactly what he deserved, under the LAW. However the LEOs, local Court, and local DA, went WAY Passed the LAW in what they did to the women and children, in that case, and they really should have KNOWN better, and if they didn't, they should NOT have held those positions of Trust, in the community. We in this country, do NOT violate others Rights, just because we do not like the religion, or Politics, and if we do, we need to get "smacked down" by a Judge, viciously, which is exactly what happened in that case. I hope it will happen for this lady as well. My opinion.... YMMV....
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    Sonuva@#%& I hope she gets a damn good Legal Hired Gun & turns him loose on ALL those Mother@#$@s!!!! [hissyfit]

    I don't care what kinda Badge you packing. Set foot on my property, try to push me around, threaten me, & NOT have a Warrant for any of it, I'll take yer lil badge, shine it up real good, turn it sideways, & shove it straight up your candy @$$!!! You'll think you tripped & landed on the front lines of Iraq! Then I'll get mean, and turn my Lawyer Dog loose. [reddevil]

    P.S> Can ya tell I watched too much WWF/WWE Wrestling when I was younger? LoL
  12. chelloveck

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    If it were me

    I'd ring crime stoppers, alledging animal abuse by the sherrif / county of the rabbits in the sherrif's / county's custody....hope they investigate the accusation more competently and assiduously than the sherrif did.

    Not so much a case of "big government", but small time incompetence, and abuse of authority by "small time" local government.

    One of the the disadvantages of a policing system where the sherrif is an elected official, is that some policing decisions are driven by the political imperatives of getting re-elected, rather than working within the restraints of the law, and just common sense. It seems the sherrif and his posse, evdiently don't know that much about the laws that they are supposed to enforce, and they seem to apply powers that they evidently don't actually have.

    Debe Bell should contest the next Sherrif's least the jail cells would be assured of being clean, and the jail birds would be humanely watered, fed and cared for... : O
  13. BTPost

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    This case is EXACTLY WHY, competent LEOs, do NOT run out with SWAT Teams, to investigate ANONYMOUS Tips, from HotLines, without a LOT more information going in. This case was about RABBITS, NOT Humans. I will cite another such case of JUMPING in without doing the research FIRST.

    In Lynnwood, Washington they Had an daylight Armorer Car Robbery, at a Major Store that killed one guard and netted $1MegabuckUS.... NO suspects were ever found, and the case was over a YEAR Cold..... Then the local LEOs, got a Dope Suspect, that said he knew, who did the deed, and if they dropped his charges, he would spill his guts. Lynnwood PD got all HOT, real quick... called the Snohomish County Sheriff for SWAT Backup with their NEWLY formed, and trained, SWAT Team, and concocted a Warrant Application based solely on the word of this miscreant. He then pointed to his two Uncles, who live in the city. Well they pulled a SWAT Raid on the Duplex, early in the morning, and in the process of subduing the suspects, had a "Weapons Malfunction" with a FULL-AUTO FireArm, and killed one suspects WIFE, while she was folding her very young BABY. Well it turned out that the original Information was BOGUS, as the doper had a beef with one of the uncles. The two suspects were held in JAIL, for three Days, until their Attorney, filed a FEDERAL Writ, to show Cause, and then their so-called case fell apart, faster than a WallMart Teeshirt. The Weapons Malfunction was first blamed on a "Design Issue", then HK issued a very definitive Statement, blowing that theory out of the water, in every newspaper in the Region. Then it was that the WIFE made a sudden MOVE. The Attorney, blew that one, out of the water, so fast there just wasn't hardly any time for the it to even reach the Newspapers or Tv. Then the Attorney started the LAWSUITS. the Lynnwood PD, the County Sheriff, Every Officer on the Detail, including the IDIOT with the Weapons Malfunction. They just barely got the two suspects out of jail, before his WIFES Funeral. All the LAWSUITS were settled OUT of Court, with undisclosed Monetary Damages, but that could NEVER bring back the fellows wife. The SWAT Team was disbanded for DECADES, Lynwood PD lost a lot of FACE and Public Support, the Sheriff was defeated at the NEXT Election, and the Police Chief reTIRED so thereafter.... VERY SORRY Affair....
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    My experience with rural/small town counties is that the 'Sheriff' is generally just a deputy who is well-liked, and gets elected after the long-time Sheriff has finally embarrassed the Department too many times and let his personal corruption go too far. We are about to have this happen again, as the Wakulla County Sheriff has finally been in hot water too many times - hit & run case a couple years back, while he was DRUNK in his Dept car, shady business dealings (a bar 'owned' by his wife and getting favored treatment in business manuevers and legal deals), questionable criminal cases with people locked up on too little evidence.
    I hope the NEXT Sheriff has some real LEO skills and isn't just another good-ol-boy Roscoe P. Coltraine........ [stirpot]
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