Be wary of false flag runs on ammo..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Suerto, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Suerto

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    But keep buying, within your means.. just sayin

    Before It's News
  2. tacmotusn

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    Right now Sportsmans Guide has a good deal on 9mm Federal 147 grain Jacketed Hollowpoints, at 1000 fps Ammo. 100 rds, 250 rds, and 500rds at 38 cents per round to 32 cents per round. It to me is a good price for first run (not reloads) premium self defense rounds. Supposedly these are "Navy Seal spec rounds".
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  4. Defiant_River

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    We order ours from Cabellas and Sportsmans Guide. We've always got good service and it didn't take long to get it through UPS.
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Get into reloading, and your supply line is more secure. Can be cheaper, depending on caliber and amount of shooting you do, and YOU have the final say in QC. Makes a true One MOA SKS possible! [applaud]
  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Not to mention, you have a much more excellent choice of performance bullets.
  7. Gator 45/70

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    As the young man down the street tell's me..Mai... you repack ?
  8. wrc223

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    I mix it up. I reload and buy ammo. Typically I buy in bulk when there is a good deal. I primarily buy reloadable brass ammo but I do put away cheap stuff just to have on hand.
    Any caliber I have in semi auto I maintain a healthy supply of reloading materials. Any caliber I have in pump, lever, bolt, etc., I dont have as much but still have plenty supplies.
    As soon as I buy any caliber firearm that is new to me I buy the dies to reload it. To me it is like back when you got your rifle from a riflesmith, the mold to cast your roundballs came with the rifle. Well, I just modernized the concept a bit for my personal collection.

    Overall what this does is level out the peaks and valleys in ammo/reloading materials. I anticipated this year being the year of high ammo prices and "out of stock" being a common theme. I put away stuff to keep me shootin at the matches and having plenty of fun days at the range this summer with friends and family.

    When it comes to water, food, and ammo, keep all options open to you. You need all three to survive todays world, just imagine how much you will need them POST SHTF!!
  9. mongovb

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    Just got done reloading 1000 rounds of 9mm for .13 cents a round. 223 is about 20 cents a round.
  10. VisuTrac

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    I gave up guns, I've gone the up close and personal route.
    The Hammer of Thor never runs out of ammo!
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  11. mongovb

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    May not run out of ammo, but, after a few minutes of swinging that thing around you'll be running out of steam.
  12. BTPost

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    only because Visu's weapons all ended up at the bottom of a very deep Lake near by.....[fnny]
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  13. fedorthedog

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    The military buys on contract and it is a published bid. I dont know who starts this BS. I have bought ammo that failed the performance testing for acceptance by ten fps and was rejected as outside spec. If there is a gov run on ammo it will be gone over night and it is not.
  14. ghrit

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    I was at a gun show yesterday. Ammo was not even close to being in short supply. Packed and stacked wide and deep, all imaginable current calibers. No shortage of reloading components, either.
  15. Hispeedal2

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    "From: Anonymous Source"

  16. techsar

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    " paid $149.00 for federal surplus 440 rounds of steal core and now at the gun show today it was selling for $440.00 for 420 rounds."

    Definitely BS. Last ammo I can recall packed in 440 rd containers is 7.62x54R...not hardly what would be considered federal surplus (maybe Russian Federated Republic?)...and it is now repacked in 420 rd containers? I don't think so! Sounds like some ten year old throwing numbers around.

    ...and I can't put much faith into someone's misguided post, especially if the can't properly spell "steel." I'd be embarrassed enough to post as "Anonymous" if that were the case LOL

    Plenty of ammo around, and no price spikes seen at this time.
  17. Suerto

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    That was my point, I even left a comment telling him he was a tard..

    I figured you old retired guys would have fun picking apart the article, between cups of coffee.. ;)

    I have reloading equipment, have reloaded, and can reload up to 200rds/hr, (also cast boolits too) when I'm bored.. I just havent been that bored lately (last time was when the oilfield slowed down back in 08').

    I buy quality reload able ammo (LC) at the best prices I can find, as gifts for clients and underpriveledged kids who can't afford ammo for Xmas..

    It's a tax write-off..
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  18. Alpha Dog

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    We have a guy here that owns a local gunshop that pulls tricks like this he feeds on peoples fears. I dont buy from him anymore after I seen how he was doing people. He tells them big brother is buying up all the ammo to keep it away from the public. He orders from places like cheaper than dirt then marks up the price and if a customer asks about the ammo at cheaper than dirt or sportsman guide he tells them it's junk ammo. Then he will sell it to them $2.00 or more on a box. He tells them that he has a in with a goverment supplier and thats how he gets it. I can understand making a little proffit but how he goes about it is wrong and he picks up on the ones who are just getting into stocking up a little or new to firearms all together and respect his expert opinion.
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  19. Suerto

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    I remember gunshows (prior to 911) being the place to get a good deal.. Now I just shake my head and laugh at some of the prices they ask, and the remarks they sell, to the sheeple not doing thier due diligence before paying top dollar for some overpriced item..

    Buddy and I were discussing that at the last one, if the thing is;

    A) that we have gotten smarter and now know where to go for good deals and the gunshows have always been this crappy

    B) that gunshows have just gotten this crappy..

    We think it's a little of both.
    People laughed at me in 2005/2006 when I was scooping up 9mm & .40 brass at the range, by 2007 those same people were calling me asking if they could buy some of my reloads (cuz they couldn't find any ammo) I never sold any, cuz that would require a liscense..

    Gouging and playing on people's fears is a bad deal.. Unfortunately, with as many sheeple as America has nurtured, I don't think there ever will be a lack of customers..
  20. helmetmike

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    Go online and check how many different outlets have ammo in stock. You can find all kinds of available ammo and reloading supplies at competative prices. Glad that someone raised the BS flag.
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