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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. BTPost

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    BearTooth is the Spread Spectrum 900Mhz cousin, to the GoTenna which is a MURS (150 Mhz) Wireless Devise that connects any BlueTooth Communications Devices together, over non-Cellular Frequencies....

    Beartooth - Communicate Off the Grid

    goTenna | Text & GPS on your phone, even without service.

    The BearTooth will have similar Ranges, to the SECURE Phones that many of the Monkeys, have invested in, for SECURE Comms. It has the Advantage, of using the connected Device, (iPhone, iPad, Notebook, Laptop, etc) to Encrypt the data to be passed, over and above the Spread Spectrum Digital Voice Modulation, that the SECURE PHONES use.... Also if you are a Holder of a Ham Radio License, you can employ an External Amplifier, (10 Watts Max) and As much external Antenna Gain as you can Build, as this is a legal Ham Frequency Band...

    Both devices are NOW advertising their products at $99.00US ea, Each has advantages and disadvantages, but effectively do the same things....
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    I love the misleading video of hikers in a slot canyon in UT, like sure you can communicate line of sight 50' below line of sight elevation, kind of like communication from one of our buried BOL...

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  3. BTPost

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    Actually, 900 Mhz will propigate down that canyon very nicely, by bouncing off the Vertical Walls... Basically, it is just like a big Waveguide, at that frequency....
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    Attention @BTPost @ghrit @AD1 and some other monkeys that know more about amateur radio than I do. I've only been a ham for 6 months so I'm wondering about BT's statement about up to 10Watts and better antenna.

    Theoretically speaking, could one transmit 75 to 100 miles on the 900 MHz frequency? With the right antenna and up to 10 watts? Just trying to fathom the possibilities. If not 100 miles, what would be your best guess as to a practical distance? [Yes, I know conditions would need to be right, but I'm not sure what things affect the 900 MHz frequency the most.]

    And I found this on the ARRL website: 33 Centimeters (902.0-928.0 MHz) All Amateurs except Novices have access to CW, Phone, Image, MCW, RTTY/Data
  5. BTPost

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    If you look in CFR47Part 97.311, they talk about Spread Spectrum Specific Regulations... There is NO Type Approval required for Ham Equipment, except for HF Amplifiers... You can modify ANY Radio Apparatus as you like, as long as the Emissions, stay within the Part 97 Regulations. The Power Limit, for Spread Spectrum, is 10 Watts PEP, and it is an ALLOWED Emission, in the 902-928Mhz Ham Band... The 10Watt Limit was imposed a few years back, due to some folks using 1.5Kw and doing MoonBounce with it, in this band...
    Lots of possibilities with this piece of Gear, an Amp, and High Gain Antenna... which is why I bring it up... I did a PreOrder yeaterday, and the price for 2 Units was $149.00US....
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  6. azrancher

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    BT, what is this device, a repeater? And why did you buy 2 units, do they need to be paired?

  7. BTPost

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    It is a Bluetooth to 900Mhz Spread Spectrum Bidirectional Repeater.... (1 Watt ) It connects any Bluetooth Device with an IP Stack, to the 900Mhz Spread Spectrum Transceiver, that then can connect, with any other similar 900Mhz Spread Spectrum Transceiver, and then back to it's associated Bluetooth Device, with an IP Stack.... By doing so, all these, BlueTooth IP Devices can pass traffic, back and forth.... (Text, Pictures, Voice, Data, Video, ETC) and all the Traffic could be End to End Encrypted, depending on the BlueTooth Device's Apps that it has loaded, that is generating, or receiving the Data Stream...
    Ok, Like of you had an iPhone, on each end, and you were in a non-Cellular Coverage Area, and outside WiFi Range of the Other Unit, but still within the Range of the 900Mhz Spread Spectrum Radios, then you build an AdHoc Network, or if you have more than Two Units, you build a MESH Network, and this allows, you to pass traffic between Units, depending on the Network that you build.
    SHTF Senerio.... CellSites are DOWN, You and your Group, are at your BugOut Location, which is Bigger than can be covered by WiFi... and you build a MESH Network, with ALL the Groups Units, paired with their individual iPhones. A Scout sees incoming Personnel, that may or may NOT be friendly. They take video of the approach, and Pass it to the HQ, via the MESH Network.(Maybe thru, as many as 3 or 4 Units strung out, in a line, to extend the Range of the Network) The HQ folks decide these are Good guys and they pass back an iMessage, or even a FaceTime Video, or Audio, Call, to the Scout to let them pass... Or say they are BAD Guys, and the HQ, then foments the Defense Plan, and sends that out to ALL Group Members, and they ambush the Intruders, and blow their A$$es to Kingdom Come...... Keeping in mind, that all this is SECURE Comms. By being Spread Spectrum Digital Modulation, that can NOT be DF'ed, or Monitored by Normal Methods, and even IF, it is monitored, by a Real Expensive Setup, and since it is "End to End Encrypted" by the iPhones on each end, it is useless to the Intruder, as THEY can't break the Encryption, even if they are the NSA/FBI/CommiePinko/ __________ (Name you Bad Guy Group) because even Apple can't break the encryption as it stands, NOW....

    The GoTenna is a similar Device, that runs on MURS Frequencies, (2 Watts VHF 150 Mhz) but CAN be DF'ed, and as of NOW it can only pass Text Traffic... (They are working on other forms of Data, but that is still not REAL, at this point...)
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  8. azrancher

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    So how does this work with Motorola i855 IDEN old phones?
  9. BTPost

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    I am not aware that the iDen Phones had an IP Stack, or BlueTooth, in them, and they would NOT communicate on 900Mhz as they would be using a DIFFERENT Spread Spectrum Modulation System... They share the same Frequency Band, but use twice the Bandwidth. (Only have 5 Channels, instead of 10 that the. SECURE Phones, have)
  10. T. Riley

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    @BTPost is the voice encrypted or can anyone on the correct frequency listen in? The text and map functions seem similar to goTenna but the voice, if somehow encrypted, would be a game changer for me.
  11. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    If one has an iPhone then the Voice Comms Apps like FaceTime are already End. To End Encrypted... There are a number of iPhone Voice Apps that do End to End Encryption... I haven't played with the devices yet, but if they use a programmable Spreading Code, similar to the SECURE Phones do, as well as a choice of Frequencies, then that will protect against just normal evesdropping by another Unit that is NOT setup the same as the two communicating units... In a MESH Network, only those units with the exact same Spreading Code, would be part of the Network, and only the Originating Unit, and End Unit, would be able to decrypt the End to End Encrypted Data Stream... Even if it was passed thru multiple MESH Network Units... While in transit...
  12. Brokor

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    :whistle: woops! Sorry about that.
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  13. T. Riley

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    I could not find an option to purchase the devises on the website. Did I miss it. And, if the software is only installed on the phones you use every day would not a CME or EMP make it all useless, or does it just show up as another Bluetooth device you can pair and use without software from the App Store provided the device and phone were shielded? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I know nothing about this stuff.
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  14. hitchcock4

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    From the main page Beartooth - Communicate Off the Grid use the orange button at the top "Pre-order now". It has a better price of 2 for 149 USD or 4 for 275 USD.
    Of course some may see this as vaporware - bot shipping until late 2016. I am considering it myself but not yet sure if I want to invest.

    My take on the EMP comment -- assuming that you store the Beartooth devices in a Faraday cage -- along with a couple phones that use Bluetooth -- then you are golden. Just get the apps from Beartooth on your phone before the EMP.
    The transmissions along 900MHz don't rely on any cell towers or other infrastructure at all. One could use them on the moon, if you were so inclined.
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  15. BTPost

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    Yes, they Pair, just like any other Bluetooth Device, that is looking for a IP Stack to communicate with, on the Paired Device...
  16. hitchcock4

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    If anyone does sign up to buy a Beartooth, here is a "$10 off" if you use this URL:
    Full disclosure is that I also benefit from other people using that link to purchase. There are about 6 days left to Pre-Order at the discounted price.
  17. stg58

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  18. stg58

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    Still pre-ordering.

    • 1,765 backers
    • $338,180 of $100,000
    • 23 days left
    Starts shipping December 2016

    Reserve Now
    Only $149 per pair for a
    limited time

    Order now to lock in early pricing at 50% and to be the first in the world to get your Beartooth.

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  19. techsar

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    I have to wonder what will eventually ship...and at what price point. In February, it was 40% off for two, $249. and that was after they dropped the vhf/uhf aspect and backed up delivery nearly a year.

    Talk is cheap...they need to get moving on this alleged product.
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  20. hitchcock4

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    Since I ordered the Beartooth more than a month ago, I thought I would see if the company has any updates. Facebook is a good place for some of that, but as I learned they prefer to communicate one-on-one with people, rather than putting up technical updates (on Facebook) that they feel could be too high level.

    I asked for an update on where they are -- if they are encountering any issues and what they are doing to overcome those issues. [That is a common type of update I have witnessed on Kickstarter.]
    Here is what I received back from Eliie:
    Regarding where we are at. R&D, prototyping, and test builds were completed prior to starting sales. We really wanted all the kinks out before the clock started ticking to manufacture. We are in the one of many steps for scale manufacturing, specifically EVT if you are familiar with the CE manufacturing process. We partner with a tier one CM headquartered in California. That said, we are always working on things that can be improved (from nerdy stuff like making the codebase smaller to fun stuff like color schemes and button placement). We will be continuously improving the "app" and be releasing updates as is customary.
    In case, like me, you have never seen the abbreviation EVT, I looked it up and read about Engineering validation test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I found this helpful to me and a satisfactory answer. Ellie was very quick to respond when I emailed -- she answers those emails.

    I hope anyone considering the Beartooth finds this useful information.
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