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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Sharpie44, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Sharpie44

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    Well I guess I just fell into another gun.:rolleyes:

    My roommate wants to sell his Yugo SKS. At first I had no intrest in it because he wanted $300 for it and i didn't want to stock another caliber. Then today he said that it comes with 700 rounds of ammo, an ammo can and an extended mag.

    So now I'm committed to buying it.

    I've shot the gun once and it wasn't very accurate and the trigger was so stiff i thought the safety was on. The stock is also beat to hell but the mettle looks good.

    I'm not big on modifying guns but i will be replacing the grenade launcher and I'm going to attempt to re finish the stock.

    I don't know a lot about these guns so what do you guys thing. Good deal or no?
  2. NVBeav

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    If the barrel is good, then (IMHO) it's a good deal.

    Yugos seem to be going for about $250+ (here)
    Ammo is about $225/1000 (about $150 for 700)
    Magazines are <$30 +/- (AIM Surplus)

    Trigger job is about $60 (here) -- I personally vouch for this trigger job (I'm not assoc w/ them at all); it's like night and day the difference between how it was and now is.

    You can also add some after market sights...
  3. Sharpie44

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    Well IMO the trigger job and a new muzzle brake is a must if i get this thing.

    I would like to remove the grenade sights but i cant see a way to do that without hurting the rifle.

  4. NVBeav

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    For me, the top two items to do on the rifle are:
    #1 - get the trigger job (or do it yourself with available kits). The guy pointed to in earlier post does a great job.
    #2 - put on the Tech-Sights hardware to replace the rear sights

    You can go to Surplus Rifle Forum and see what others are doing to their SKS rifles. Personally, I've only had the triggered worked on. With stock sights it can keep a 2- or 3-inch group at 100 yards.

    An interesting item about the Yugo SKS -- the "muzzle attachment" serves as a grenade laucher. Not sure how it works, but it's supposed to take "Standard" rifle-launched grenades (possibly NATO std or something). The rifle barely gives any kick at all.
  5. Brokor

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    launcher is worthless. I would saw it down and buy a tactical stock kit for it, possibly the trigger upgrade. Alternatively, with a scope it is a fine little hunter. With the ammo I guess it's a decent buy, and it has the removable magazine so that's a nice added bonus.

    With the gun/ammo market the way it is, if you can afford it -guns and ammo are a pretty sound investment.
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