Because Endless Spending and Printing is Better

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Clyde, May 10, 2012.

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    Fed Worries 'Fiscal Cliff' Is as Big a Threat as Europe
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    So the solution is counterfeiting....nice--QEIII. I'm sure our creditors will love it. These jokers are actively pushing us off the cliff. If he gets re-elected, there's no way we're not screwed. [shtf]
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    I am only speculating here, but I can see within the first quarter of the new presidency (assuming we do not have Ron Paul as the CIC), a push for an updated currency with foreign backing. One major warning sign will be Canada; if we see the Queen's land crumbling (in the news, mind you), we can expect some kind of Amero currency in the open on the drawing table. The whole economic mess we currently have is just setting the stage for the adoption of a unified currency. Whether or not Mexico will join the US and Canada, or if something else may be slated to occur is yet uncertain, but I have been following some of the trend forecasting and it's not too far off the beaten path leading toward globalism. You guys are right when you claim "our" currency is being purposefully debased (kind of a misnomer considering it's a FIAT currency and loaned to the gov't at face value plus interest to begin with) and made to look like there is no other way out besides accept the "solution" to the crisis in the form of yet another worthless, corporate sponsored usury scheme.
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    Because the Euro worked so well, we will need to try it on this side of the pond. I don't disagree with the premise, but the result will be the same. This only works when countries follow the money printing and spending rules......and that is hard enough even when you are dealing with you own FRN versus a joint NAFRN. On can not unify countries. That is why the US is an anomaly in the world. We started as states not nation states and we didn't have a thousand years of wars against each other to firm our nationalism before we try to "join together".

    What we need are the States to reaffirm and take their rights back from the so called "Limited Federal Government".
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