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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Tango3

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    Here's a good one that could've gone horribly wrong...

    doors were left unlocked so neighborhood cops went in to "check if everything was okay"....[beat][beat][beat]
  2. LondonCalling

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    What is this?
    Is there some new type of task-force operating?

    They were lucky he wasnt sleeping with a 9mm under his pillow........very suspicious
  3. RouteClearance

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    We are now living in a "Police State".
  4. thepatriot1976

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  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    As I put in the comments section what would have happened if "Mr." home owner was "Ms" hot divorcee homeowner??I don't know these officers its not fair to assume they may have been up to some "tom foolery"..
  6. CBMS

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    lol well if his garage door was open, the tv was on, the keys were in his truck, maybe they thought that there was something bad goin on. Best of intentions terrible execution. If I were the police, I would have seen that he was breathin and A-ok, turned off the TV, Tossed the car keys onto the Kitchen table with my card on it and a little note just to tell him to be more careful. Closed the garage door and been on my way.
    Sound too weird?
  7. toemag

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    To a certain degree they may have a point, I'd rather have uniformed officers waking me up than .......

    Back when I used to work Security, we were instructed to show more presence and explain to people to lock their stuff away when they went to meetings, well a few days later I was accused of theft by one of these highly regarded employees. Funnily enough the place had video surveillance and the real perp was ID'd and I was laughing my sock's off, BTW the employee never did find it in her heart to say SORRY, some people are dirt bags.

    I don't work Security anymore, 10 years of learning just how devious supposed respectable members of our society really are, and having to surrender my rights as a Security employee who obviously isn't educated enough to find a decent job were enough.

  8. thepatriot1976

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    They don't need to come into my house period! I have the right to privacy even though it doesn't look like it anymore but this is still America! John Adams would have had a police or constable strung up for just entering his property without a warrant. I don't care if I'm dead or not you get a f-in warrant and come back in a few days when my carcass is stinkin. Don't you dare enter my property warrant less I don't care what your badge says or you'll get enough lead pumped in your ass to make a profit at the local recyclers. This may be a difficult concept for our european friends to grasp but every red blooded American who has a long history of service and family bloodshed for these rights and liberties that were supposed to have knows what I'm f-in talking about. It's time to take this country back from these fascists!
  9. Tango3

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    er: cellphone in the cruiser???A little detective work could've turned up a phone number...They should've called ahead so he could put some clothes on and flush his homosexual lover out the back gate...
  10. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    Like I said though. Best of Intentions. Terrible execution.
    I know the road to hell is paved with them, but usually the good in people drag them down that road.
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