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    We have multiple threads on honey and the health benefits. While at the farmer's market this weekend I stopped at a local honey booth and the lady was selling jars of bee pollen. Like honey, bee pollen is loaded with vitamins and all the good stuff. It is used for general health or issues. I bought a jar, $11 for not quite a half pint. The seller said to start slow then increase the consumption. I eat it in my yogurt, it is kind of chewy and tastes fine.

    10 Proven Powerful Benefits of Bee Pollen

    Maybe the beekeepers on here could tell us how to harvest it. I have only heard of harvesting honey but bee pollen seems like a handy thing to have.
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  2. chimo

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    I hope harvesting is easier than trying to catch bees and stripping the pollen from their little corbiculas
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    A device called a pollen trap is added to the hive to collect the pollen. There are several versions but they all require the bees to venture thru the trap when entering or exiting the hive. There are some screens the bees walk across and the pollen is dislodged from their legs (they carry it on their legs) and falls into a collection tray in the bottom of the trap.

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    @Airtime do you collect the pollen and use/eat it? I noticed you can buy it on-line also but I liked buying local because it will help with allergies.
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    If they were selling local bee pollen.

    I enjoy the Farmers Market where you can see in the back of the venders truck, boxes of vegetables and fruits from the wholesaler. Not exactly grown on a local farm...

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  6. Gopherman

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    The way things are going for the Bee's, you'd better get it while you can! Zika spraying is not only poisoning people, but it's already killed millions of Bee's and their not even in full swing yet!
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    It was local. A lady, a table and a bunch of boxes. She had literature on her bee farm or whatever you call them. Everything came in mason jars. That is how she makes here living, selling local honey but not to the chains. She just does fairs and markets.
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    No, I haven't collected pollen or used it. I had one trap years ago but just never got into using it or harvesting pollen.
    FYI, the name for a bee farm is an apiary.

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    I could be erong but I thought you got the same effect from eating the honey
  10. arleigh

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    Honey is an antibiotic in it's self and very affective in fighting colds and flu but it is a bandaid where as pollen is the curative for allergy.
    Trick is the pollen needs to come from the area you live as , the flowers in your area may not be the same as where the pollen came from .
    Most folk can live in an area a few years till their immune system can no longer deal with the pollen in that area , moving to a new area can help, but it's no guarantee .
    Breast feeding mothers transfer their immunities to their young , but if this is substituted for cow milk or other substitutes the outcome is sketchy , the child usually suffers.
    Mother's milk works much the same as bee pollen for their young.
  11. I use it on my skin in areas where I think wrinkles will surface. Knowing its nutritional value, I also hope to be obtaining something healthy from it in addition. Even though I am not eating it
  12. chimo

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    breaks my heart to see all you young gals worrying about wrinkles.
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    What are these "wrinkles" you speak of?o_O

    Thers supposed to be a local beekeeper here.. I need to see if I can find out more info, I like using real honey (dont trust most of the grocery store brands, always buy local(ie scotland) small beekeepers honey)
    Might have to ask about the pollen, I used to add it to smoothies, yogurt etc.
  14. ghrit

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    Start with the county ag agents, if they don't know, well, they should.
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    You old whippersnapper, it ain't worry, we women need to pamper ourselves and if fewer wrinkles is a temporary biproduct.. BONUS!

    Age, the great equalizer of being born attractive, everyone gets wrinkles and saggy skin
  16. Cruisin Sloth

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    HONEY is what help with allergies, the Bee pollen & wax is used but not in the same way & will effect different folk.

    I see this with our bee masters here & some are weird colours . I buy mine since we don't eat or use it on OUR bodys . Its used for the critters , shoe / leather waterproofing etc. The Honey is from our ranch area & my wife is almost normal noise after 10 years .B4 she was a city clown during pollen season (A JAR / month 4 her in sweet tea) ) . Me , Im from the underworld & satin makes sure squat fizzes us.

  17. chimo

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    ya'll ain't old enough to get wrinkles unless you are worrying too much! I know for a fact that not one gal here is over 29...even if they have had more than one 29th birthday. :D
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