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    I got a question and a request for this, so here goes. 1st off traditionally this is served over egg noodles. My self and a good friend are both supposed to reduce carb intake. So lately I have been using a $10 plastic and SS spiral noodle cutter to make zucchini noodles instead of serving this over pasta, noodles, rice, biscuits, or potatoes. Do whatever suits you.

    Beef Stroganoff sauce

    1.5 to 2 lb lean beef sliced into thin strips across the grain (1/4 to 5/16th)
    2 tbs butter
    2 tbs evo extra virgin olive oil
    fresh ground coarse black pepper ..... about a teaspoon
    seasoned salt ..... about a teaspoon
    Italian seasoning 1/2 teaspoon
    1 large sweet onion (soft ball sized) sliced then cross sliced so you have strips not rings
    1lb fresh mushrooms sliced
    1 envelope from box of recipes secrets beefy onion dry soup mix
    1 can condensed 10.5 oz cream of mushroom soup
    1 pint sour cream
    1 cup milk or water
    for my zucchini noodles, 4 medium, spiral cut, about 1.25 lb
    directions: I was using a large 5 qt electric skillet
    Sauté beef strips in two batches in butter and oil. 300 to 350F.
    Do not overcook and make tough, they will finish in the sauce.
    Remove cooked meat to holding dish.
    Saute Onions and Mushrooms uncovered in skillet with remaining oil from beef.
    Reduce heat to 225F.
    add Black Pepper, Seasoned Salt, 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning, beefy onion soup mix,
    cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, and milk or water.
    Stir and blend well.
    Add reserved cooked beef back into the skillet.
    When mixture comes to a slow boil add zucchini noodles, and attempt to mix in with sauce.
    I used metal spatula to pat/press zucchini until all was submerged into sauce.
    Cover skillet when not stirring or submerging noodles.
    Stir as it comes back to a boil and press down on zucchini after to keep submerged.
    Zucchini noodles will have to cook for 15 minutes at slow boil. Stir at half way point.
    Reduce heat to warm and serve.
    If you overcook the zucchini noodles they will turn to veggie mush. It will taste ok, but
    the presentation will not be so impressive. Enjoy
    Oh, If you use rice, potatoes, egg noodles, biscuits, or pasta .... prepare them separately
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    over zucchini Brilliant!

    The Italian seasoning never thought of that. I will have to try it

    Ty Tac!
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  3. tacmotusn

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    I probably use Italian seasoning more that I should, but if I taste something savory that I am making and it seems a bit bland I may well add a bit of Italian seasoning. It is a nice blend of herbs that gives a nice touch to food. LOL, had to correct 2 typos to recipe above.
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    I use a bit of nutmeg in mine..
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    For those who need to cut down on carbs but love spaghetti, lasagna, or any casseroles and dishes that use pasta or noodles, you can substitute spiral cut or thin sliced eggplant, zucchini or yellow squash or just use spaghetti squash, you will need to either cook with it bubbling long enough to soften the veggie substitute enough to remove most of the crunch and heat it thru. This can also be accomplished by steaming or stir frying the veggie before adding sauce or putting it in a casserole. Below is a link for the spiral veggie noodle cutter I use.
    . Kitchen Active Spiralizer Spiral Slicer Zucchini Spaghetti Pasta Maker Green: Kitchen & Dining

    Granted this spiral cutter is VERY inexpensive, and may break in some way in the future. Right now it works just fine. I have a much more expensive metal cutter by Healthcraft that uses various tapered slicing drums to quickly turn veggies into something suitable for raw salads, stir frys, pasta substitutes, for making pickle slices, hashbrowns, etc etc. I will probably try some unique veggie shapes in the near future for pasta substitutes.
    WOW, I inherited this Healthcraft veggie cutter, I had no idea the darn thing was so freakin expensive. Health Craft Kitchen Machine Food Cutter (Black Onyx): Food Processors: Kitchen & Dining
    For the record, I have used it on a few occasions. It works well and is built to last for generations.
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  6. Ganado

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    @tacmotusn That spiral cutter got great reviews on several pages. The only thing better than this is a salad shooter and those are hard to come by and more expensive.
  7. Motomom34

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    When you say Italian seasoning you mean the jar of mixed herbs right?

    @Dont I love nutmeg. One of my favorite spices.
  8. tacmotusn

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    Yes Italian seasoning is a mixed blend of marjoram, thyme, rosemary, savory, oregano, and basil. I noticed on Rachel Ray's show nutmeg compliments dairy products.
  9. Dont

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    I love stroganoff! The dairy in it do'es not love me..
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    well it depends. stop and think about how varied red wines can be. in the red wine recipe did it go into any other detail on the red wine. dry, fruity, sweet, .... or specific type? merlot, burgundy, lambrusco, chianti, etc.
    bottom line, you change the recipe, often you change the taste. that doesn't mean the recipe was bad, or that you are a bad cook. I try to follow a recipe to the exact letter of how it is written the 1st time I make it. then if I didn't like how it turned out, I either trash the recipe, or I try to improve upon it. cooking is a learning process. do you only have 40,000 bottles of white wine in the cellar? drink the damn bottle of white wine and buy one of red and make the recipe. if all it said was red wine it won't matter anyway. there are too many variables.

    a follow up. I went to your link, and read your red wine recipe. the chef? who wrote the recipe left it in the hands of the gods like there is only one large vat of red wine for the entire world to draw from. He is an ass. His point was that you could substitute some of the beef broth in a stroganoff recipe with wine to alter the flavor in a different way. Yup, it will do that. He could and should have been more forthcoming with his red wine suggestion as to type or specifics.
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