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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rsbhunter, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Just heard that begara bbls is going to start making custom rifles with any action you want....and it was said that they were guaranteeing 1/2" groups with FACTORY ammo! !!!!! Quite a change from the 1970's weatherby 1&1/2" guarantee....didn't say cost, but mlght be affordable....rsbhunter
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    Right now, Weatherby offers the Vanguard 2 for < $500 that guarantees sub MOA. A while back, Bass Pro was selling them for $399.
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    Welcome to Shilen Rifles, Inc.
    Most featherweight, lightweight, and sporter contours I've shot vertical string as the barrel warms.
    Most modern rifles easily qualify as sub moa in width and closer to moa in height. ;)
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    So very true, that is why i really concern myself with the first shot, and then, i worry about a three shot group.....I know that the "GODS" of shooting say that nothing but a 5, or 10 shot group is worth anything...But unless the weapon is in a Ransom rest, or professional rifle rest, all your doing in a 10 shot group is inducing a greater probablity of human error....i have some 3 shot groups at 500 yds that are scary...but if i had sat and shot 7 more, i'm sure it would have shown that i can't do everything EXACTLY the same 10 times in a row.....besides, iv'e never gotten a breathing target to stay still after the first, maybe second shot!...And we, as shooters should thank our lucky stars that we have the weapons capable of sub minute of angle off the shelf...Savage and Stevens rifles are capable of one hole groups in some of there rifles, as are MOST of the companies right now....
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    I say adverttising hype [​IMG]
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    possibly hype

    But alot of companies are selling rifles with 3/4" and 1/2" guarantee, and make it easily...i have a RRA NM-A4 that was guaranteed for 3/4" @ 100. It will do better than that, and with 77 gr Sierra handloads, will go one big hole...I also have a Stevens 200 that will shoot like that....The overall quality of components has come a long's nothing now to buy a 1" shooter off the shelf....rsbhunter
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    What do I need a ten shot group for? ;) I enjoy shooting anything from a precision air rifle to a 300w.
    True, back in the day if one wanted a sub moa rifle it would have to be built and fed reloads. Today factory rifles using commercial ammunition shoot sub moa.
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