Beginning of the end? or i was trained to fight communism.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Big Ron, Jun 10, 2019.

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    So President Trump was elected and he won by crushing margins. Then? actually, before the elections, the left went insane, and continue to. The way the Democrats act is just dangerous. (Cloward &Piven?) So in the future, if a Democrat wins the white house, well people just go crazy and do stuff like the lefties are doing? Not accept the results? I think Hillary and her buddies damaged our system. Do you think people will accept full-on socialism or step up? Or act civil because they are not dirtbags? I admit to not understanding Liberals and that's about half the country. I write this because of the steady battle by the media against the President and our vote is just too much. They don't get the way our system works, maybe rules for radicals? Got to go to bed.
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    I took an OATH. I don't consider that a small thing. Obama took a similar oath before the entire world and then pretty much ignored the entire oath and did terrible harm to the country and the Constitution. I damn near went nuts when he was reelected. I lashed out verbally to any who would listen. I needed to rant to vent the anger that was consuming me. I took a second blood oath with a WW2 veteran who was ready to go postal. I won't say more on that subject, except to say Events freed me from that oath. The original oath still exists and will until I die. I still believe the system (government), is not totally broken. It has huge problems no doubt. I need not list them again, I rant about them all the time. I am beginning to see changes that are repairing many of these things. We have a long way to go to really be back on track. I still have hope. Many factors could cause this return to grace to completely disappear. I pray daily this does not occur, but stand ready to try to prevent a return to chaos and anarchy or to help recover from it. There is almost nothing on the present Democrat Party Platform, Agenda, or present actions that I find helpful to returning this country to grace and unity. Yes we have a flawed system of government, and all 3 branches have strayed from their original intent under the Law of the Land. I believe our present President is truly trying to pull all branches back to their intended positions and responsibilities. Only time will tell. It has been an ongoing struggle for We the People since the Declaration of Independence and Start of our Country. Flawed we may be. All humans are! However, flaws and all, our system of government is the Best in this World!
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    "They don't get the way our system works"
    They fully "get" how our system works, and they despise it. The Constitution is nothing more than an impediment to their end goal: complete and permanent tyranny. The old communists infiltrated our schools and bureaucracy long ago with the stated goal of destroying our countries system of government. So they brainwash the children, slowly infiltrated and now control the media and major tech industries, and have graduated into the two houses or representation. They are patient, relentless and utterly evil.
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    I've got those same worries Big Ron,, I've wondered if the dems , or a socialist wins , will there be mobs of supporters marching thru our cities like they do in Portland , flaunting their supposed power , and just bullying everyone else . It's a scary thought .
    And the way the communists have invaded our schools and government , is the same way the socialists and muslims are doing now . Our country and its founding documents have been under fire for a while , but was really being pushed to it's limits I'd say throughout our last muzzy presidents terms . And old hildabeast was to be the nail in the coffin for our Republic . Returning to the days of old will be a long fought battle , if there is ever a complete return , which I doubt . The only way to keep our Republic as she stands is to try and get people to listen by showing them the truth , and filling the voting booths . The other alternative is going to get messy .
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  5. HK_User

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    The are like spoiled children laying in the aisle of a supermarket, screaming because they did not get their way.
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    I understand the passion related to the loss of Liberty, but it hasn't been a sudden change. Melbo said it best years ago when we first began discussing the seemingly escalating decay of personal liberties, "The loaf of Freedom was not eaten in a single meal but rather, one slice at a time" Some Components of Freedom cannot exist in a crowded environment without infringing on the rights and space of whoever has to get pushed out of the way. This is nothing new, we've always done it and swept it under the rug. That rug may be morality, it may be greed, but don't recall ever hearing it described as shame.
    I have been a Constitutionalist for many years, most of my adult life. I was in school when we ran "Duck and Cover" drills daily during the Cuban missile crisis, I was sent home from school the day Kennedy was shot in Dallas, when I graduated, I took my lottery ticket for a war that was started by the most blatant false-flag our government ever waved, I sat in racial tension when forced integration by buss was instituted, I listened to my Agriculture teacher, David A. Crossno, preach vehemently about the corporate take-over of the small American farm and how that and genetically engineered crops would lead to a monopoly, then I watched it happen. I watched the concept of "Grading Curve" be developed and instituted to compensate of educational faux pas. I bought a brand new Chevy Monte Carlo, leather seats and landau roof, police package, air, cassette stereo..paid $3600 for it off the lot. Looked at a KIA yesterday, a cheap Korean import, they wanted 34K for it. I witnessed the birth and nurturing of political correctness, then realized it was just the same old tired double-speak the pontiff have used since Christ was nailed to a tree.
    We've watched the harsh reality of conflict pretty much every day of our lives and as long as it doesn't drive gas prices up, barely gets honorable mention. We have let big pharm keep costs of medications exponentially higher that the same products sell for in Mexico or Canada, medications that treat only symptoms and maintain, nothing that cures. We have created a privatized prison industry and sustain it to prosperity with useless laws against drugs and the DUI industry. Dissension and division have become the next tool in distraction. We vote law-makers into office to make laws to represent our interests, they get bought out by lobbiets from Phifer, Monsanto, Hallaburton, and a thousand others. EVERY EVENT has an agenda.
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    Wow! Some extremely good posts here!

    I think with the election of Obama the ultra-left made its bid to totally and completely change America to their views and agenda. I am not saying it hasn't slowly been changing, bit by bit, but nothing close to the huge sweeping changes they wanted, did and planned. And, let's face it, if Hillary would have won she would have completed what was started. Also, we must understand, their propaganda is very, very good and plays to a huge portion of the population, 'wealth distribution'. All these people can see is that they would be getting a bigger slice of pie and not the consequences.

    Having said this, should a Democrat be elected, given the current state of affairs in our country, one can be assured they will press to closure all their plans - all of them. I cannot understand why it seems now they want to move so fast, totally changing the structure of our country, but that is exactly what they wish. In 1941, 25% of the people in the USA were for Socialism, that percentage has risen now to 43%. Don't quote me on that figure as I haven't fact checked it nor have I the data at my fingertips but I heard this recently on a major national talk show.

    In general, people both Left and Right are fed up. We never see any REAL change to the MAJOR problems of this country. We must remember, the Right had a chance for 2-years to change things as they held both Houses and the Presidency - yet - what got accomplished? What major piece of Legislation got accomplished resolving even one of the major issues of this nation?
    Both the Left and the Right, have different agendas but I do not believe either one is for the nation or its citizens.

    Personally, I don't think the Left have a winnable candidate, I can't believe Biden has the appeal or the brains to win but...but it is a scary scenario a man like him leading the country. However, sooner or later a extreme Leftist will win, be it Biden or not, and frankly, I believe it will truly be the downfall we all fear and when that happens we will finally see who really is pulling the strings.
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  8. tacmotusn

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    Keep in mind that for the entire time from 21 January 2017 until 31 December 2018 while Both houses were controlling both houses of Congress, Trump was fighting Obstructionist Democrats and Rinos who were trying to investigate Trump with a goal to indict and impeach. Having Democrat Judges throw road blocks (injunctions) up for everything Trump tried to accomplish. 1 January 2019 it got even worse. STILL TRUMP HAS SUCCEEDED WITH MANY THINGS HE HAS PROPOSED. Consider where the Country was 20 January 2017. We have come a long way baby! We have a long road ahead ..... But, Trump is still trying against one hell of an uphill battle. Just my 2 cents.
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    I don't see conservatives acting badly so long as the Constitutional rules were followed. We didn't throw temper tantrums when Obama was elected. Tea Parties were notoriously peaceful. Resistance to laws and policies we disagree with - yes, but nobody will shut down highways, bridges, downtown areas, nor will violent crowds break out.

    Break the Constitution and you break the rule of law. At that point all bets are off.
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  10. Ura-Ki

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    We can opinionat all day long as to when it all started, but I think the training wheels first came off with Komrad Klinton 1.0 and we saw under the skirt of the elite string pullers and caught a glimpse of what was truly in store for us! We sustained a lot of damage during that time, and it's only gotten worser since!

    We have professional politicians who do not serve the people, only them selves and their handlers and royally screw the people when ever and how ever they can! Look at the big names, Nasty Nancy, Sucky Chucky, Burney, Warren, Klinton, et-all........all crookid as hell, bought and sold like cattle for one purpose only! We have a lot of serious problems to be sure, we have a big gov run amook, we have city, county and state "officials" Bought and paid for by Billionaires who give us all these "Policies" rules and taxes to feed the machine, and then we need a good war to keep us working and focused, and we need a few boogymen to pick on so we can then slap them around when ever they get frisky and we get our spending budgets for the year or the program, like more Aircraft Carriers! The World hates us, and most for good reason, that is something we need to change, and we need to change at home first before we change outside our borders!
    I swore an Oath way back as a 17 year old kid, I was young, pink, fresh, and new, but I understood those words as clearly then as I do today, and I will hold to those covenants ever sure! I grew up a lot in those years in the service, I got to see the inner workings of a broken machine held together by a wing and a prayer, I got to see the worst evils man can inflict upon each other, I got to see the very evils of this world, the corruption, and anger and hate hidden just beyond the sight of normal people. I got to see corruption of the American Mil and its misuse, its massive spending on useless crap, and it's total waste of life for the machine to roll ever forward! And I got to see the seeds of revolution!
    I also got to see the very best in men, and I got to see the miracles we are capable of performing when we want to, and I got to see hope! I sure hope to live to see what we are truly capable of, for good or Ill, I know it will happen in my life time! I hope and pray my Sons learn from their time in the Mil, the lessons I learned, and I hope that if a fight comes, my boys will be at my side, saying Dad, we all got this!
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  11. OldDude49

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    didn't he keep messing up the oath so they said he would take it later in private?

    so not so sure he actually took any oath...
  12. OldDude49

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    been saying for some time now... U.N. troops will be involved...

    and they do NOT give a shit about your Rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights... Chinese and African nation troops... etc...

    see and hear many sayin "things" about what they will do if the left succeeds... if it happens the way they say...

    the U.N will be called in by OUR Government "voluntarily" to bring things under control... and prevent bloodshed...

    look back at the Congo... and at the stuff in Kosovo... for U.N. troops and what they did...

    in some ways I think the left wants a reaction... perhaps that's the point...

    as to the U.S. Military and LEO's... probably a mix there we got officers in high places that look down on the 2nd... and the Bill of Rights...

    so? Perhaps there will be some fragging?

    what ever happens if it comes to open hostilities... gonna be real ugly... blue helmets... hmmm....
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  13. apache235

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    In any conflict you have to identify your enemy, color coding helps immensely in this
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  14. Big Ron

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    I was listening to Ron Paul and he said that whatever the government says they are going to do, they do the opposite.
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  15. Bandit99

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    @OldDude49 I wasn't at the Congo but I was at Kosovo and if that is the best they can do they better bring a lot of body bags... But, in all fairness, the Brits, Germans, Danes, Norwegian were top notch. I can't say the French were but I guess they do have some decent units...somewhere (yes, I'm bias) the Russian troops were crap and the Ukrainians really tried hard, as did a few others like Slovenians.

    Frankly, I do not see the Brits or Germans getting involved in a shooting conflict in America nor any of the Slavic countries, especially when they see the body count, so that leaves the Russians (which are pretty occupied in the Crimean) and/or the Chinese but normally, the Chinese NEVER get involve in UN Peace Keeping nonsense. You can ask some of the others here but in my 40 years I never, not once, came across any Chinese or even heard of them. Having said that, they might change their tune considering its America...

    In a serious scenario, the normal run of the mill UN Peace Keeping Force starts with the first stringers (USA, Brits, Germans, French, etc.) but since they are not playing it will be the second/third string, ill trained, ill equipment and ill led - meaning - Pakistan and similar type countries mainly because it helps pay for their military. Yep! The UN actually pays them and they're housed and fed. Should these Blue hats show up - well - like I said, they better bring lots of body bags.
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  16. SB21

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    Our .gov should never allow another armed force to land on our shores , white helmets , blue helmets ,, makes no difference . And we shouldn't either .
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    If America is in the midst of a civil war, how in the world are UN troops going to get paid. I expect our contributions to that organization will be nil, unless you're talking printed funny money that isn't worth the paper it's printed on. My guess is payment will be the "spoils of war" and the invaders might just find that there's a rifle behind every blade of grass. Now if they take control of the cities, they may find that the country can live without the cities, but the cities can't live without the country (as in rural folks).
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  18. Seacowboys

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    Another army entering our nation? who needs them with mercenaries everywhere, when all you need is an agenda and some cash? Rusty, I tend to agree with your values but have codicil: maybe a quote from Pogo,"the enemy is amongst us and he is us".
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  19. GOG

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    Let them come.
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  20. Ura-Ki

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    As to the U.N. Coming here, Like Bandit says, not going to be First Nations, or second for that matter! I do know for a fact, many will "defect" to our side and help us stand and fight! I cannot give numbers or even name specific nations, lets just say, we have friends, many friends who would come if we were in dire need!
    Chine? That's a great big question, one that I think needs a much deeper look! Normally, they would NOT get involved in any peace keeping stuff, but like was pointed out, this is something different. China "Owns" an awful lot of American interests and those may be worth fighting for ( for them) but that means they have to commit large numbers of troupes and the means to get them here to fight! Not an easy task ( for now) but in 5 years time, that is no longer a problem for them! Russia, not likely, Not enough money, support, man power, weapons, or the ability to move a large number of personal to the battle space! All the rest are just numbers with out the first nations leading the way and providing the logistics! In about 5 years, there is going to be a Quantum Shift of world power, The Ukraine is poised to fight back against the Russians, and they are solidly our ally, like bandit points out, all the Slavic nations are aligned with this, and China knows this well! It's all going to be an interesting time!
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