Beginning of the end? or i was trained to fight communism.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Big Ron, Jun 10, 2019.

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    I remember a post by someone talking about the U.S. being like a satellite country China uses to their advantage. Don't kill the golden goose or the hand that feeds you. China has so many citizens and needs so much growth and jobs to make it.
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    I truly think there is much truth to that. China's biggest problem is keeping its people employed and fed. And, no matter what people say, a country does not grow a Navy overnight. It takes time and experience, decades upon decades. And, there is no way to logistically support a large force without maritime support...especially if the opposition is the US Navy who last I heard could not only fight the next 4-5 countries largest navies but fight them all together and win.

    Lastly, in the event of a Civil War or some great Civil Disturbance in the USA even though China might have a valid and justifiable reason to send some 'security' forces to protect their vested interests (Embassies, Banks, etc.) here there is no way either side would allow Chinese 'military' forces to enter the country for it would be a propaganda blow from which they would never recover.
    Just my opinion...
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    Bandit99 is spot on China needs us for trade to keep their people employed we are undergoing trade negotiations right now and Trump is stalking a hard line. Prices may increase before it gets better because China is now taking a hard line and not buying raw goods
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