Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe’s Cities

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I'm just wondering when it will become evident that some things belong in the past as their expiration date has expired. The muslim hordes belonged to a time that is far and away gone from us, so needs to be the grabbing and clawing for power throughout the world that these fanatics are trying to pull. Their time is finished and so should they be. It is the natural progression of things that old ways are layed by the side in favor of new ways. There are only a few things that should be salvaged, and that being if they are good. If they are bad, then all the more reason they should be dropped. I personally don't care if they get offended by me for what I say about it. It was a religion based on an extermination line and it will always be so. The Nazis were brought about as an extermination line and the world is rid of those who tried to destroy so many people in the name of purity. I don't see why we are holding their hands while they are planting bombs to kill us. If we want to be there while they plant bombs, it should only be to slit their throats.

    My thoughts on it.
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