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    Great article in Sports Medicine mag about how elite athletes can be unhealthy

    While the words “fit” and “healthy” are often used synonymously in everyday language, the terms have entirely separate meanings. Fitness describes the ability to perform a given exercise task, and health explains a person’s state of well-being, where physiological systems work in harmony. Although we typically view athletes as fit and healthy, they often are not. The global term we place on unhealthy athletes is the overtraining syndrome. In this current opinion, we propose that two primary drivers may contribute to the development of the overtraining syndrome, namely high training intensity and the modern-day highly processed, high glycemic diet. Both factors elicit a sympathetic response through the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, in turn driving systemic reactive oxygen species production, inflammation, and a metabolic substrate imbalance towards carbohydrate and away from fat oxidation, manifesting in an array of symptoms often labeled as the overtraining syndrome. Ultimately, these symptoms reveal an unhealthy athlete. We argue that practitioners, scientists, and athletes may work towards health and alleviate overtraining syndrome by lowering training intensity and removing processed and/or high glycemic foods from the diet, which together enhance fat oxidation rates. Athletes should be fit and healthy.

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    Sports Medicine - Open
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    Bingo! A lot of professional bodybuilders look great and are near systemic collapse at the same time from dehydration and a 100% fat-free diet. And a lot of other unhealthy things necessary for that super-cut & super-buffed look.
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    In the US professional baseball players have consistently tested out as being overall better physically fit than any other professional athletes. The big boys of the NFL have an average lifespan of 55 years, many famous long distance runners have keeled over from heart disease at an early age, prime examples are Jim Fixx, Grete Waitz, and Brian Maxwell, and there are many more. Autopsy reports from Otzi the Ice Man, whose frozen body was found in the Alps in 1991, show he had heart disease 5,000 years ago with pure air, clean water, and food much purer than what we are offered now at the grocery store. In my book a good example of being athletic and healthy would be Jack Lalanne who lived to be 96.
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