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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Spartan300, Apr 2, 2011.

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    The word frugal is one you don't hear much these days. Heck, some kids have never even heard it used! I remember my grandparents using this word though, of course they came out of the Depression and knew what it meant to live this way. I have noticed some folks finally becoming aware of it again in the last few weeks, and I think more will realize its importance in the coming months and years. With a very sick economy, and with so much world instability, being frugal will be more important than ever. I remember my grandparents raising food, canning, and staying out of debt. My grandfather hand dug the basement for their house, don't see that much anymore. He started with one room, and as his family grew he built another room or so as they had the money and time. They paid as the went! I have been thinking a lot about them lately. The lessons of "roughing it" may come to us all again soon. As survivalists most of us here are already familiar with being frugal, and live that way already. It is amazing how even still many don't see the value of frugal living....just amazing. Are you guys beginning to see a shift in people's habits? Buying used instead of new? Reusing things instead of throwing them out when they get old? Folks staying home more and enjoying the simple life instead of taking those vacations? Some people confuse living frugal with living "cheap." I don't think that is the case. Do you think people know the difference nowadays in things they need and things they want? I think more are "seeing it" but many others just can't wrap their minds around it. For those that can't I think they have a long road ahead of them. Are you seeing people getting a more sensible mindset about getting back to basics or are you witnessing the same ole head in the clouds mentality?
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    I'm definitely seeing a mixed bag. The older the crowd, the more aware of it they seem to be. Mid 20's and below? forget it; 99% of them are clueless. Teenagers especially have no comprehension of how dire the situation is. It's become the norm for them.
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    If you don't think more people are thinking that way look for canning jars and equipment on Craigs list. There are as many wanted listings as there are for sale listings.
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