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    Don't know if anyone has been following this but it does seem interesting............. lot of claims are being made.........

    thought I'd post this for anyone that wants to take a look..........

    Also of note is the list of.... things that happened on or around the dates mentioned... don't know if it actually has any significances or not...

    perhaps just coincidence ?

    Beltane (pronounced, "B'yal-t'n") begins April 30th at sundown and lasts until sunrise on May 1st. Beltane is the opposite of Halloween on the Satanic calender (sic) as Halloween is a time of reaping, while Beltane is a time of rebirth. This holiday is a time to celebrate fertility, indulgence, the rebirth of spring, and the Sumerian God Enlil (Baal), this is where the name "Beltane" originates.

    Before any real celebrating took place, wood from nine different types of trees gathered and a sacred grid was made. The grid was created by drawing a square on the ground and dividing it into eight smaller squares. Turf from the eight outer squares were dug out leaving the ninth square intact. The Beltane fire symbolized the central hearth of the community, the divine fire in the center of all things, and the spark of life within mankind.

    The Eve of Beltane

    April 19 is also known as "the Feast of Moloch." (Courtesy)
    I am about to share with you some absolutely astounding information. It turns out that the exact day when reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are going to be erected in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London is also the exact day when a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins.

    April 19 is the first day of a 13-day period of time known as "the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast" that culminates on the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1. In some parts of the world, Beltane is much better known as "May Day," and it has been described as the "Illuminati's second most sacred holiday." As you will see below, we have indeed witnessed a disturbing series of "blood sacrifices" during the second half of April in recent years, and many people wonder if there is a connection.

    April 19 is also known as "the Feast of Moloch." If you are not familiar with "Moloch" or "Molech," it is an ancient Canaanite god that is repeatedly denounced in the Old Testament. Child sacrifice was a key feature of the worship of Moloch, and a giant statue of this pagan deity is set up at the Bohemian Grove in northern California every year.

    READ: "Temple of Baal in New York Is Going Up Just Before Baal's Biggest Day of the Year"

    Is it just a coincidence that reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, are going up in New York and London on the precise day when the Feast of Moloch is celebrated and when "the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast" begins? The organization in charge of this "cultural project" is the Institute for Digital Archaeology. The following comes directly from their website:

    Are we to believe that this date was chosen at random?

    Is it just some sort of weird "accident" that the date they decided on begins a 13-day period of time that is exceedingly significant for the worship of Baal?

    And as I mentioned above, we have indeed witnessed some very noteworthy "blood sacrifices" during the second half of the month of April over the past few decades.

    The following list of events that have happened on or around April 19 comes from Vigilant Citizen:

    • April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
    • April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.
    • April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.
    • April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.
    • April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.
    In addition, let's not forget that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot to death on April 19, and the explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon took place on April 20.

    I also wanted to note that since 2016 is a leap year, April 20 will be the 111th day of the year, and triple numbers are considered to be "power dates" in the occult world.

    This 13-day
    period, which begins on April 19, culminates with the high occult holy

    day of Beltane on May 1. In recent years, this occult holiday has

    experienced a tremendous resurgence—especially in Europe. The origin of

    Beltane can be traced all the way back to the worship of Baal in the

    ancient Middle East.

    Temple of Baal in New York Is Going Up Same Day the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast Begins
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    I have come to believe that devine or spiritual intervention into our lives has had mostly negative effects and cautiously watch all those Gods and Dieties with trepidation. God has been on the winning side of almost every atrocity in the history of spoken language and I just wish they'd go somewhere else and stir up shit.
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    That is interesting. I know that law officials are on high alert during a few weeks in April due to the pattern of violence. Never heard of Baltane. Interesting post.
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    Spooky! Okay...need to escalate the security posture...
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    Just remember the Bible Old Testament Story of "Elijah & the Priests of Baal....."
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    Beltane (/ˈbɛl.teɪn/)[3][4] is the anglicised name for the Gaelic May Day festival. Most commonly it is held on 1 May, or about halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. In Irish the name for the festival day is Lá Bealtaine ([l̪ˠaː ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲə]), in Scottish Gaelic Là Bealltainn ([l̪ˠa: ˈpjaul̪ˠt̪ˠɪɲ]) and in Manx Gaelic Laa Boaltinn/Boaldyn. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals—along with Samhain, Imbolc and Lughnasadh—and is similar to the Welsh Calan Mai.

    Beltane is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and it is associated with important events in Irish mythology. It marked the beginning of summer and was when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle would walk around the bonfire or between two bonfires, and sometimes leap over the flames or embers. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire. These gatherings would be accompanied by a feast, and some of the food and drink would be offered to the aos sí. Doors, windows, byres and the cattle themselves would be decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire. In parts of Ireland, people would make a May Bush: a thorn bush decorated with flowers, ribbons and bright shells. Holy wells were also visited, while Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness. Many of these customs were part of May Day or Midsummer festivals in other parts of Great Britain and Europe.

    Beltane celebrations had largely died out by the mid-20th century, although some of its customs continued and in some places it has been revived as a cultural event. Since the late 20th century, Celtic neopagans and Wiccans have observed Beltane, or something based on it, as a religious holiday. Neopagans in the Southern Hemisphere often celebrate Beltane at the other end of the year (around 1 November).
    3. ^ "Beltane". Retrieved 1 May 2014.
    4.Jump up ^"Beltane". Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Retrieved 1 May 2014.

    Because some group chooses to use a holiday for a different purpose doesn't make it their holiday i.e. Satanist etc...

    Moloch has no association with Beltane as does the worship of Baal... YMMV
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    well, all I'm gonna say is... ITS SPRING!!!! people get crazy when its spring. Just like the full moon. Besides on any given day you can make up that 4-6 things happen repeatedly. Because human beings are repetitive. We are designed that way.
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    I think the referenced article probably better fits into the tinfoil hat forum, than the faith and religion forum......if only for the reason that it resorts to quasi religious woo to infer some kind of relationship between occultic devil worship with selected massacres and terrorist attacks in the USA. I have to ask, why positive and constructive events also happening on and about April 19th don't seem to also get a mention.

    The first shots at Lexington were fired, beginning the American War of Independence on April 19th: Is anyone suggesting that the minutemen at Lexington and Concord were Baal worshippers who kicked started their revolution because it happened to fall on a pagan holiday?Battles of Lexington and Concord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In 1994 on April 19th, SCOTUS outlaws excluding people from juries because of gender....was SCOTUS being unduly influenced by demonic forces in delivering their decision on a Baalist holiday??? Historical Events on 19th April (Part 2)

    The Boston Marathon is, apparently the world's oldest annual marathon, dating back to April 19th, 1897...for over a century the Boston Marathon has been conducted on our about the 19th April, and yet no mention in the referenced article is made of the 100 or so marathon's conducted on or about the pagan holiday of Beltane, when absolutely nothing untoward happened....Historical Events on 19th April (Part 2)

    The list of disasters, massacres and terrorist attacks coincidentally happening on or about April 19th listed in the web article referenced in the OP, may well represent the confirmation bias of the article's author, by counting the few spectacular hits and ignoring a multitude of more or less mundane misses CriticalThinking102atUNLV: Lecture 3A: Cognitive Biases, Fallacy of Confirming Instances, Falsificationism, Slanting by Distortion and Omission,. I don't think the claims being made about Beltane need be taken seriously, given the shoddy reasoning underpinning the article's thesis.
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