Benefits of keeping a spoon knife in your pack

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Well some very nice spoons have been posted by the Hog,so id like to point out the benifits of keeping a spoon knife in your pack.

    I find that when i go for a few days in the woods the first day is took up setting my camp up,scouting out the area,collecting wood and finding a water source,add to this getting a brew on or should i say a few brews as i love my coffee and getting some grub on the day goes by pretty fast and a good nights sleep is found easy.

    The second day is a little more relaxed so i can go collect some wood,water and everything is set up so i have more time to chill out,so then comes out the spoon knife and a little carving is the order of the day.

    Now just because its called a spoon knife don't mean you have to carve spoons.

    Here is some of the things ive made with the spoon knife and a fixed blade.

    Fork & spoon.

    Drinking cup,Noggin.


    Innuit snow goggles.

    another spoon.

    Big spoon.

    the crooked knives i use.

    Home made crooked knife.

    Erik Frosts of Sweden spoon knife.
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    An important tool without a doubt .
    I like the noggin very much and the Inuit goggles are genius.
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