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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Nadja, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Lets take a look at what life would be like for most people after the grid was to go down. First thing would be people in stores would not be able to complete whatever transactions, as cash registers these days need elec. Oops ! So, people would most likely be escorted out of the stores no matter what type of store it was. After a few minutes of rage/shock, they would take notice of other people also standing around in front of stores.

    So maybe a few of those people had a few thoughts on what was going on. Most would just think that it is a localized thing right ? Now, they begrudgingly trek to their cars to go home. Then when they get to the corners, they sorta notice all the piled/stacked cars etc. as the traffic lights are not working. Since a large part of the pop, although working in the city, do not live there. Long commutes go get home. Even if the local train systems are not elec, they will not be running either, as they depend on elec traffic signals to operate safely.

    Now, your walking along with a few hundred thousand other people and beginning to notice a lot of people getting mad and starting to incite and yell. First, they have a tendency to take it out on "objects" and then, on other people. But, like a good prepper, you have your bug out bag and have given it a lot of thought. So you are prepared to go the distance .

    When you finally get home , maybe a few days later, your family is still doing it's thing, as your elec due to solar is working. Your refer still has your cold beer, meat and other things all nice and cold and very eatable. Your freezer is still pretty full of nice frozen things.

    The only real hazard to me would be some wandering person who would notice my lights on at night while the rest of the area is dark. And practically speaking, there would not be many wanderers as I live so far off the beaten path, you most likely would get lost just trying to get here.

    If you start putting some thought into a solar system now, you may just get there in time to be self sufficient from the grid. It will not solve all of your problems, but sure will help.

    Also, for those of you who think those "solar generators" are going to save your butts you couldn't be more delusional. They won't. Most of them advertise about 1,000 to 2,000 watts right ? Great if they would actually do that, but they won't, at least not for more then a few minutes. You see, your output IS determined by your inverter, however, if you don't have the large fully charged battery banks to back it up, it cannot possibly do you much good. Then, you also need the correct amount of solar panels to collect the sun shine and convert that into elec. It is not magic, just how it works.

    Actually, for the price of most of these so called solar generators you could build a small but efficient system.

    This would be a good place for all of you to start. Even if you know nothing about solar and/or elec we can and will guide you through the process of buying wisely and most economically. Then we can even help you with the installation process. Interested now ? Inquire within ! Nadja
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    This is the place (site) to be for getting your future on track....whether we have a nuclear situation (Iran) or an economic disaster, there are things that the well prepared person will have ready....This site, and it's members are presenting intelligent ways and idea's of how to reach that point BEFORE it is needed...If, however, you are the type of person who thinks that they can wait til the sirens go off, all i can tell you is that your best friend is exercise! This way, IF, something happens that disrupts your day to day existence, you can bend far enough over to kiss it goodbye.....Hopefully, we (people who plan on possible situations) will be laughed at in the next 500 years......Hopefully......rsbhunter
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    I am speechless, I do not have anything nice to say at the moment. I'll delete this posting once you get a chance to read it, so it does not stay in your thread because your thread has merit.
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    No, CC... You missed the point of Nadja's post.... Your comments are very appropriate, in that they show, what really is "The Wrong Road Taken" especially when we have the expertise, here on the Monkey, That can put folks on the Right Road. We have Monkeys here, with many ManYears of Solar and Off-Grid Power, and living experience. Here on the Monkey, we SHARE our Knowledge Base, when folks ask. If they didn't ask the questions, we wouldn't be near as good at providing the BEST Answers, to our Monkey Bro's & Sis's.
    All points of view are relevant to the discussions, so please leave your posts, as they are very relevant.
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    You're right and I think I figured out why I am butting heads with him. Thanks for pointing this out.
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