beretta 3032 and S&W model 36 revolver

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by kcmrrc, Oct 1, 2011.

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    im Casey Gore, im seeking someone with good knowledge of either the .32 tomcat or the S&W model 36 .38 spl.. if you know any one of these guns very well please reply! i dont want to post all my questions in this one thread..

    thanks guys!!!
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    Casey, it's your thread, ask away. Much easier to find your answers if they are all in the same place.
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    ok, #1 - my S&W module 36 .38 spl... i got this gun and it is beautiful!! the bluing is perfect even around the barrel and cylinder.. so i doubt it was ever holstered.. from what i hear this decreases the valve.. from what i heard revolves like this are worth more with the bluing worn off the barrel and cylinder.. i would like the thoughts of others about this.. also should i put this gun in a holster and if so what type? i heard leather will continue to dry and apply moister to the gun making it rust it left for too long.. so i have been looking at synthetic holsters.. but very confused on what to get.. right now i just have it wrapped in a rag..

    plus, the other day i put 100 rounds through this gun!!! FUN!!!,.i cleaned and oiled the barrel, cleaned and oiled the cylinder and cleaned the trigger and hammer along with putting one drop of oil on each side of the hammer and trigger.. i also cleaned and oiled the eject rod then cleaned and oiled the outside of the gun then oiled it and whipped all excessive oil off.. now, should i have pulled the grips to clean and oil to parts under it or not.. if not, how often if ever should i removed the grips to clean and oil?

    this is my first revolver and my fav gun i have shot yet.. so i want to make sure i keep it up right and also where to look for ware to make sure to gun continues to operate to its best..

    thanks to all!!
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