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    Sorry guys( hate to urinate in the soup,I know your plate is full as it is..)...:[gone]

    A state of emergency

    We should hopefully by now have reached a point where all stake holders in UK, European and Global energy are able to grasp the simple fact that we are now in the early stages of a full blown global energy crisis. The focus is currently on oil but this will soon turn to concerns over natural gas and coal supplies.
    This crisis has been turned into a state of emergency by the indifference of political leaders in the UK (and throughout the world), fluttering in the wind of poorly informed public opinion while they have prevaricated about expanding renewable energy resources and building new nuclear power stations. All warnings of this pending energy crisis have been ignored in favor of pursuing popular policies that created the illusion of prosperity whilst the fundamentals of our nations security and well being have been draining away.
    The chart below shows the current state of the UK trade balance. This is the position at the end of the good times North Sea oil and gas have provided. The situation now is about to get a whole lot worse as our energy surplus turns into a crippling deficit with no plan on the horizon of returning the books to balance.
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    gordon "bottler" brown went last week to the Big oil companies and PLEA with them to invest in "alternatives" to oil??? didnt work!
    Then ask them to up production of their heavy crude that is less conducive to refinement and getting fuel on the market than light crude?
    He is trying to con the British public...with his "look I'm doing so much for Britain because i feel your pain"?

    But what he really did was (other than the nice Holiday for him and his commrades, part at my expense) was, what he offered them was the opportunity to control the UK's utilities in the next decade rather like the french, germans etc control them now. He has blown the Uk's cash on potty schemes and cannot afford to do it alone so he hopes this will get him out of the crap for a while till the electorate catch on.

    This person is ruining this country (UK) far quicker than anyone in history..(IMO)
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    It's not even his country s he is Scottish, and when he's messed up our economy he'll just runaway, and hide provided with an immunity against prosecution for the crimes that he committed on the British people while he was in Office. Don't believe me, just look at Tony B'liar who is now on the war path about the Green house effect etc etc, promising penalties to those who don't or won't comply with the Mafia type set up. hey but whadya know, its just a business, nothing personal, hahaha. He should be facing the legal consequences for at least bribery while in office, the ''Cash for honours'' affair being my point in question here. But the Crown Prosecution Service will be more than glad to turn a blind eye to that particular case, but all you 80 year old veterans that served in the countries past conflicts better have paid your Council (Communist) tax, or you will be fined etc etc.

    **** them IMHO., they ain't worth getting excited about, they are the lemmings that are going about destroying themselves, and anything in their righteous path. I just hope that they burn out before they totally ruin the country and never ever return.

    As to the price of oil, and our carbon footprints being to big, I know of only one cure for both problems, stop buying anything that is made of plastic and re-think your daily travelling to using a bicycle instead of a car where ever possible. Once our demand for oil is brought down to that of the 1960's maybe the OPEC countries will drop their prices accordingly. JUST kidding as we all know that they will raise their prices to meet, match their losses, lol.

    Another post on a thread that prove most indefinitely that I have become a senile grumpy old Barsteward.

    I was once an optimist, now look at what life has done at me.

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    Sorry man; you need to hang around a cheerier crowd, football hooligan's[booze] perhaps? that'll take your mind off anything else except manchester[booze].( and your liver)[lolol].:).
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    Yes mate you are right there!!!

    Prime Minister "BOTTLER" Brown has wound back England’s clock by more than a thousand years in his decision to appoint chieftains to the ancient kingdoms of England. This unelected Scot is riding roughshod over English sensitivities, and persists in referring to the United Kingdom as ‘a country of nations and regions’. Setting aside the inconvenience of Ulster, the countries are, of course, Scotland and Wales, and England is fractured into mere regions. In formal recognition of the demise of this once-great nation.
    So why is England dismissed with a raft of junior-ranking regional ministers when it would have been a whole lot easier to create a single Secretary of State for England?

    He has continued to give certain rights to people in Scotland over those of ENGLAND?
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