beside myself....(hip hip hooray for WS bonuses?)

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Tango3, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Don't read this if you're concerned about your blood pressure;just makes you want to throw things(,like old beer bottles half full of jellied gasoline...):

    "greed is good."
    93 negative comments.[own2]
    I guess the lessons of greed and over consumption are completely lost on some people.
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    It's called napalm. Napalm. Say it! Napalm. :p
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    "Let's also not forget that each and every one of us benefits from these bonuses, since we get at least 35 percent of every bonus dollar in the form of tax dollars that can help cut the nation's unprecedented deficit.
    That was caused used by the bail outs in the first place .

    So 35% comes back to the gov intaxes!! Iguess the idea 100% of these bonuses were govt(public)tax dollars to begin with hasn't sunk in!( take public money , giveus 65%we'll send the other 35% back in taxes.. Free Obama money ! where'd he get it? ;I dunno his stay-ash...


    That's to say nothing of the fact that bonuses are vital to retaining top talent, which in turn helps boost corporate earnings, which in turn generates billions more in tax revenue."

    So stop listening to the anti-bonus rhetoric. We will all end up winners with this Wall Street Bonus Stimulus program.
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    Phaw! Everybody knows that you must SPEND your way out of a recession!!! ;)
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