Best .22wmr rifle?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by I Will Survive, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Anyone opinions on who makes the best semi-auto .22 mag rifle? I have been looking at (left the www out, not sure the rules on links?) But anyway, that is a beauty, but just so dang expensive. I would prefer to purchase something new, but it has to be reliable. I can wait several months to afford the Vol, then a couple months for a VX scope or ziess or something, a rifle like that deserves good glass. But I would much rather spend much less. I dont want to be afraid to scratch it.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I Will Survive

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    Or used, but it has to be reliable.
  3. jasonl6

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    I know it's not the magnum but i just bought one of these.

    Savage Arms Firearms > 64 TRR-SR

    I have had fantastic luck with savage rifles.

    The only 22WMR i had heard about before you posted the link is the magnum research rifles

    Magnum Research

    No nothing about them. Can be found cheaper on

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    Marlin made a few different models in 22WMR over the years. I remember a Bolt Action Clip-feed, Bolt Action Tube-feed, and a Semi-auto Tube Feed. I haven't looked to see what they have these days.
  5. VisuTrac

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    Semi Auto in this cartridge has been problematic due most 22 rimfire platforms being blowback. The recoil impulse of the 22 Mag has proven to be difficult to manage and performs better with a locked breach. A blow back design has been tried i believe in the past and it really had to be scaled up to handle the pressure making it weighty.

    I believe that Keltec in the PMR30 pistol uses a hybrid system that locks the breach momentarily and then as the pressure drops, unlocks and acts like blowback system.

    I know that Remington recalled their 22mag and 17Mach2 cal rimfire rifles for issues in the 597 model.

    I believe that Volquartsen used a gas bleed to tame the beast but i'm not sure of it's reliability. I believe that the 10/22 in 22mag is similar but Volquartsen is a souped up 10/22 action. But reviews have been hit or miss on the Semi Auto of a 22 WRM.

    I'd suggest that you look at a bolt,pump or lever gun for this cartridge. Look at Marlin or Savage as decent options. I've got an old Mossberg 640T Bolt Action that is as accurate as all get out. It is my woodchuck dispatcher of choice out to 150 yards. And that's with iron sights. Alas, as I get older, I'm thinking about mounting some optics on it in the next few years.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    10/22 Magnum
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  7. Tikka

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    Any new or new to me firearm is "suspect" until proven differently.

    It is a great justification to take new toy to range and enjoy.. ;)
  8. Wolfgang2000

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    I have a Winchester 9422M. Nice rifle, shoots well, though I admit I don't shoot it a lot.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    The Marlin bolt-actions are tack-drivers in .22WMR. I wouldn't trade mine.
    My Mossberg 640KD is prettier, but I haven't yet found the bullet/load it really likes.
    I see no need for the rate-of-fire of semi-auto in this caliber, but YMMV.......
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have a rossi M59 .22 mag pump that i like a lot i would probably be tempted to carry it in place of my 10/22...
  11. Daryll in NW FLA

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    From my experience a 10/22 Magnum seems to be a good one.
  12. Tikka

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    I had a JC Higgins 22 Mag (Marlin 57 with a chromed lever and scope) when I was in HS. With the ammunition of the day it was accurate.
    When I ets'd from the Army I moved to an urban area; my apartment was robbed by some dopers who stole it or I'd still have it.
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    Don't limit yourself so much. An AR-15, parts-built from a RRA lower and Model One Sales kit is only $600, and a used Ciener .22lr conversion unit is but $100, and you have both the low noise, low cost .22lr for small game and training and the much greater (than .22 mag rimfire) range, power, penetration and ammo availability of the 223. So while you initially spend about $300 more than you had in mind, the much lower cost of the 22lr ammo will make that up to you in less than one year and you will have a much, much more viable survival and combat tool in your arsenal.

    The .22 mag has only 400 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle, the 223 has 1200 or more ft lbs. That 800 ft lbs of difference is the same as a 4" .44 mag revolver has at the muzzle. The difference is, in other words, quite considerable. The 22 mag is a pipsqueak compared to the 223. It is also a lot louder than the subsonic 22lr rds, and 22 mag ammo costs about 20c per shot more than .22lr ammo.

    The AR can be had with a variety of barrel lengths, rifling twist rates, sights, trigger jobs, ambi safeties, retractable or folding stocks, and such, and it takes down into concealable (in a pack or carry bag) in 5 seconds, can be reassembled and fired in 10 seconds or less. Simply leave the chambered rd where it is, nothing can fire it. Leave a mag in place in the lower, too. The AR can be built from an 80% lower receiver, so the Man never knows you have it, and it is a lot more rustproof than most of the .22 mag offerings. Night vision sights and luminous iron sights, return to zero scope bases, see thru scope mounts, all are readily available for the AR, making it many, many times better as a survival or combat arm than any 22 mag.
  14. Seawolf1090

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    Keep an eye on Kel-Tec - they are bringing out a semi-auto carbine in .22WMR to complement the PMR-30 pistol.
    With recent increases in the variety of .22WMR loads, this gives a good well rounded capability in an accurate dedicated platform that no inherrently flawed 'conversion kit' can compete with. There is no sense in buying weapons you dont need, only to remove a mainline defense weapon from service to downrate it's capabilities for small game and practice shooting.
    A good golfer has a bag of clubs for different purposes, not a 'one does all' stick with many heads........
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    IT IS GUNKID! Hey, when did you get out of prison?
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    I have owned the Mossberg 640k, and now own 2 Marlin bolt action, 5 shot tubular feed models. I use decent glass, ( not expensive) as the longer ranges is best left to bigger calibers. All are decent firearms and get the job done.
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    u don't dare not have the combat rifle with you at all times, if shtf. compared to the 20 seconds needed to swap 22 back to 223, running back to the base camp to exchange the 1022, bolt action or shotgun for the Ak is pretty silly. :) you don't install the 22 unit until you have reason to use it. General use stuff, keep the AR in 223 "mode", of course, because if you need it suddenly, you need power and range.
  18. Falcon15

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  19. content

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    best u can do, punk? Wasting a lot of bandwith with all the graphics, but then you don't care about that, do you?
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    Yeah, because I am not using free internet from McDonalds. Grab your tactical wheelbarrow and play elsewhere, Johnny boy. Its been real, it's been fun, but it has not been real fun.
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