Best .22wmr rifle?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by I Will Survive, Apr 14, 2011.

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    I bought one of the marlin bolt guns on the advice of dragonfly. Its a tack driver. Great little rifle. I originally bought it to pop jack rabbits with. The .22LR wasn't enough for a bad shot on a running jack rabbit (or a good shot at times). I went with solids and couldn't be happier.

    Now that I am in TN, I have no idea what I will hunt with it. Cottontails are a bit too small, but I'll figure something out;)

    They are a great big game rifle when you need a bit more punch (I'm strictly talking emergency food gathering- head shot from a .22WMR should do most big critters). Ammo is cheap to stockpile. I bought it at Wally World. I found a used one at the swap meet months later for about $50 less. Look for a used one.
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    I've read a lot of guys claiming to take coyote with the .22WMR. Up close, yep, deer are a possibility. It all comes down to shot placement.
    But I currently have three .22WMRrifles and one handgun - never hunted with them. Just fun to shoot! ;)
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    What do you guys think about CZ America's 452 Varmint rifle? Any experience with their products? Have a co-worker with a 452 and he has good things to say about it. Always like a second or third opinion though.
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    The CZs have excellent reputations, as do their BRNO forebears. I have two Norinco .22LR rifles that are basically BRNO action clones - very excellent shooters, and can use the current CZ magazines - that's how close they are copied!
    Add in the European build and finish quality, and you have a winner.

    I got my first .22WMR rifle because some range idiots told me that .22WMR was 'inherrently inaccurate'! I found out different - I consider it one of those 'inherrently accurate' cartridges that simply needs a good platform to shoot it in. The problem is every 'gun expert' makes the mistake of trying to compare it to either .22LR, or to .223Rem - like comparing grapes to apples to watermelons. Take each on it's own merit, and use it within it's parameters, and all three are great cartridges!
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    Thanks for the info and good advice. I think I have a pretty good handle on the round's capability and within that capability it works great. Think a CZ might be in my future.
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    I have had the 22wmr in three different manufacturers and models, and liked all three. My favorite, and most accurate (probably why it is my fave) is the Marlin 25mn. Bolt action with 7 round magazine. I have a Bushnell 3x9 mounted on it. It shoots just over an inch group at 100 yards. Squirrel head accurate out to 55 or so with me behind the rifle. I feel confident that in certain "gotta eat" situations I could take small game and even deer with this rifle.

    I have also owned a Ruger 96-22m which is a lever action 22wmr. It was accurate as well. Fun to shoot, and having removable magazines it was quick to reload. Traded that one away though.

    I would have to say for a meat gun, in a pack and go situation, I would choose the NEF Handi-rifle with a 22wmr barrel. I have owned one of these and loved it. Only drawback is that it is a single shot. As a benefit it breaks down small enough to fit some packs (either along the frame or inside the bag itself). It is as accurate as any 22wmr I have ever shot. You have the availability of other barrels to compliment the same receiver (can get a shotgun, rifle, and rimfire barrel for same receiver).
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