Best air rifle for the money.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by fortunateson, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Yup them older types, (slavia and T's) the breakdown ones, you have to break the action and iti cocks and pumps at the same time, then you drop a single pellet into the barrels chamber, then close it and it's ready to go!
    Slow yes, but theyare accurate.
    Now if it starts to lose strength, you can remove the leather rings, on both the barrel seal and the compression piston and replace them with another piece of leather, or soak them in 3-in-1 oil.
    Lasts forever.
    Mine died as a result of shooting it so many times (thousands of pellets) that the "catch" on the cocking action, completly wore out and was just in pieces! Loved them types!
    I saw a Chinese made "replica" but was told it wasn't any good, so I'm still looking today for another single shot type.
    I tried co2 types and was sorely disappointed.
    I had the crosman pistol in .177 and I wore that out in 1 year!
    Wish I could find a vintage .22 caliber benjamn or crosman pistol, it was made mostly of brass!
    (ps) I used to shoot my pellet rifles with the pellets "reversed" like hollow points".
    Interesting impacts!
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    Re: Best air rifle for the money. - UPDATE

    So the Crossman went back to Walmart and I got my $117 back.
    This week I ordered an RWS Diana 34 from

    $226 delivered!

    I thought the Crossman was well built. This was a whole new level. German vs. Chinese manufacturing - no comparison.

    Thing is gorgeous too. Walnut stock. All metal parts are deep blue.
    Did not come with rings or a scope, but on the Crossman, the scope was a throw-away anyhow.
    I added rings for $10 and they threw in a free pair of glasses.

    This afternoon I shot 2 groups at about 1 5/8" and another group at 2 inches. All 3 from about 35 - 40 yards with a 3-9x scope. No flyers. I used 3 different types of ammo. The most accurate seemed to be the Gammo (raptor?) - the one with the bb embedded.
    I think with some really top notch ammo, it could do even better. I was using a combination of Gammo and Crossman. All of the ammo had visible seams and some seated in the chamber looser than others.

    Overall, I'm very happy I made the switch. Well worth shelling out the extra $120. Actually, come to think of it there was no decision. The other rifle was altogether useless so it was basically like throwing $117 in the trash.
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    Excellent choice!
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    2 new additions this evening:
    Crosman "Storm XT'" rifles in .177 caliber, 1200 fps. Comes with a 3-9 x 30mm scope, very nice with windage and elevation increments....looks identical to the RWS version....
    Each took 5 pellets to zero, (iron sights/fiber optic style), shot into a 2 x 4 with a 3/8 inch diameter circle drawn with a magic marker, shot at a distance of 33 feet.
    Cost: $90.00 each (marked down from $129.00)
    Walmart sporting goods closeouts...
    Penetration into the 2 x4 was over 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch depth, and the sound was as loud as a .22 short or more. (surprised me)
    Nice and solidly built break action, single shot design....
    Has quite a crisp trigger, with 2 stages...
  5. fortunateson

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    Har! :)

    Looks like you got the one I returned!! Maybe the very same gun!
    Seriously, the Storm XT was the gun I started this thread by complaining about!

    Heck, I hated to give it up. Stock is real nice and seems solidly built, but mine grouped real erratically.

    I guess it's just hit and miss with these China products.

    I don't regret getting the Diana however. If you think the Storm is nice, you won't believe what RWS is making these days.

    P.S. it does hit hard. I found that mine was making the same crack, but only with pointed ammo on cold days. Seems like the combination of the two allowed the pellets to push past the sound barrier.
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    fortunateeson, did you mean to close this thread?
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    I bought 3 types of pellets, the flat nosed, the hollow pointed type, and the sharp pointed for penetration.
    Indoors it seems the noise is less than it was outdoors ... ?
    I was concerned about the "crosman" brand a I have misgivings about them today... All in all I was surprised, and having fired about 100 rds in each, I have had no flyers (yet!)
    Now I have to go rest my arm!
  8. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Doesn't matter to me. Whatever works for you.
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    I have a GAMO Hunter .177 cal and it's fantastic. It's primary use is ground squirrel eradication in my grove. I mounted a Bushnell 3x9 and use Gamo hollow points.
    I usually invite over a couple buddies and we sit out on the sun deck in the afternoon with a pitcher of Lemonade and have a sniperfest. It's deadly at 50 yards!
    Call me Snake
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    How about an Anshutz?
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    No question. Beeman R7. Check out Straight Shooters for info.
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