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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Smitty, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Smitty

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    Curious as to where you monkeys have found that has good ammo prices. Been poking around a few sites checking prices but want to make sure I'm not missing any good ones. Primarily shopping for 5.56/223 and handgun ammo. Any input or links appreciated!

  2. VisuTrac

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  3. Seawolf1090

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    I favor a combination of:

    Graf & Sons

    A little quality time, and Ihave all the ammo I need. Beats even Walmart prices......
  4. Matteo10572

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    Also try
    Natchez shooters supply
    Midsouth shooters
    Graf & sons
    Midway usa

    I have only been looking at reloading stuff and non FMJ ammo though.
  5. Gafarmboy

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  6. rsbhunter

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    For 5.56 or 9mm, and alot of surplus rifle ammo, try this site...sells mostly in bulk, but i think his prices are good...Haven't check in a while...rsbhunter
  7. ghrit

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  8. Pyrrhus

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    A couple of years ago, I got 1000 rounds of 230 grain JHP .45 ACP for...$414 delivered from I have also bought some moderately exotic rounds from them with decent success. The trick is to check frequently. They will have none of a particular caliber in stock for a while, then they will have some, then I will buy it, then they won't have it.

    What originally enamored me of this company was the fact that they had .45 Colt when I couldn't find it anywhere else.
  9. Smitty

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    Thanks everyone, definitely a few places I haven't checked out before. :beer:

  10. ratski

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    Try Sportsman's guide.

    Some folks have had some bad experiences, but I never have.

    If you join their "club" you get special email deals. Sometimes free shipping. And the option if you buy over 99 bucks for interest free 4 payments.

  11. Alpha Dog

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    Cheaper Than Dirt had some Lake City 420 rounds for $139.00 just got the book in the mail yester day
  12. Smitty

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    Came to visit family and took a trip over to the Sportsman's Warehouse store here and they had the 420 round 62gr in ammo can for 149....:D

  13. Seawolf1090

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    I really miss our local SW - they were only open almost one year exactly, then got closed down back when the management was having trouble.
    But, I did use them to seriously ramp up my handloading supplies and equipment during the failed 2008 election run-up. Not having to pay shipping and Hazmat fees greatly offset the higher prices.
  14. Smitty

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    Yeah I didn't think this one was going to make it in it's first year either....they seemed in disarray when they opened up. Much better employees now and seems like the parking lot is always half full at least. I hope they stick around, the selection there is awesome and prices are unbeatable I'm my area.

  15. Seawolf1090

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    Our SW was on the wrong side of town - the east side with the upper-crust yuppies.
    They should have come to the westside, where we bubbas and rednecks are - along with the better hunting, fishing and camping lands. The people seemed knowledgable (after product training I am sure), and very helpful, unlike so many larger stores. It was a "Big Boy's Toy Store" for sure - I loved it! Very sorry to lose them.
  16. rsbhunter

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    In reference to the bad experience, I can totally understand how you feel. If you check my post in the solar column,I was having an experience like that with a panel supplier. I was getting no answers about a $3000.00 order. I noticed that this happened in 1996? My dealings with them was around 2004 or so....I just checked the BBB rating and they have a A- rating, so maybe they have got the ordering system my trouble with two different panel suppliers, sometimes thing get sideways...This is why there are agencies that can be contacted in case there is a fraudulent transaction..rsbhunter
  17. AmericanRedoubt1776

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