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    The only way to compare different brands and types of toilet paper( and also paper towels as well) is to do this simple calculation:

    delivered price/weight of box=price per pound


    (500 2ply 96 rolls @ $50/case) / 23 pounds= $2.17 per pound.
    (1000 1 ply 96 rolls @ $55/case) / 34 pounds= $1.62 per pound

    Because different manufacturers have different sheet lengths they can advertise a "500 sheet 2ply" and it be 60 feet shorter than a competitors. Don't let anyone fool you. Toilet paper is sold by weight between manufacturers and wholesalers.

    The best deal that I currently offer on toilet paper is my 1500 sheet roll that comes 48/case.

    Average price is $45. Weight is 38 pounds. Price per pound=$1.18

    If you are looking to stock up there is no better deal in the US. If you can find a better price per pound on a delivered individual case of any product, I will send you a free case.

    Enter monkeytree at checkout for a 10% discount.

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    Can you order just 2 cases at a time? RR
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    I think Cat will do that... I'll contact him to PM you...
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