Best explanation for the Syrian war I've seen

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by GhostX, Nov 13, 2016.

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    That's your opinion.

    Well researched.
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    Good Posting, I was not aware of much of that! Good to know moving forward!
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    The Geopolitics of the Syrian Civil War
    The Geopolitics of the Syrian Civil War

    Money quote:
    Ali Haidar, an old classmate of al Assad's from ophthalmology school and a long-standing member of Syria's loyal opposition, now serving somewhat fittingly as Syria's National Reconciliation Minister, captured the mood of the days leading up to the conference in saying "Don't expect anything from Geneva II. Neither Geneva II, not Geneva III nor Geneva X will solve the Syrian crisis. The solution has begun and will continue through the military triumph of the state.
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    All I see in that vid is an editorial piecing together bits to make a somewhat tenuous case. Long and short, I don't personally care. Iraq, Iran, and Syria (along with others) need not remain as they are presently constituted. That said, whatever replaces them is apt to be no better. It's all geopolitical malarky that won't ever end, no matter who or what eventually acquires hegemony in the region or elsewhere.
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    I think this will be over within 6 month and Assad will be completely restored to the throne and once again become its ruler.
    Frankly, I don't care but I want the refugees to be sent back home from the camps and not sent to America. My advice to the Europeans is to send them back also... We are not willing to shed blood for them and rightly so. That whole Middle East is cancerous and we need to stay away from it, let'em kill each other off. I would rather we import the 30% of Foreign Oil we need from Russia than any country in the Middle East.

    PS. @GhostX So, did you make it up there to protest against the pipeline?
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    and we wonder why they hate us in the middle east

    I love the point he makes about "if you are a USA citizen they want your guns" but if you are a "islamic freedome fighter" the USA will send you missles. [LMAO][sarc2]
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    There are probably more than one reason they hate us. They KNOW we are buying friendship and don't really mean it to be largess and have no respect for it 'cause they know there will never be a bill presented. Think they hate us now? Just wait until the purse strings are pulled shut. After they get used to the idea, they will respect us for meaning what we say. At this stage they know they cannot rely on any words we say.
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    I don't think we can win. If we intervene, they hate us, both sides. If we don't intervene, well, we're just monsters, and they hate us, at least one side. I say we make foreign policy based on what is in our own best interest and say "screw you" to anyone it ticks off. At least that makes us predictable. The way we're doing it now is killing too many people who actually believe our promises.
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    Well, as long as we're beholden to the privately owned banking cartel, it matters not who makes the "laws", because the corporate oligarchy will decide who goes "where" and blows up "what" and funds the entities that make war possible. It's not like we are Iceland and actually have a choice in the matter. We follow the dictates of the holy global triumvirate, to hell with the peasants and their superstitions. And that's a dose of reality, like it or not.
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    Can it be that Iceland is not subject to the NWO and banksters after all? Yeah, they cracked down on the fakery, but did NOT eliminate the need (or desire) for a banking authority. Vor vat itz vort, the Iceland government is also a corporation by legal necessity to do business, being very highly dependent on international trading.
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    They are far from being out of the woods, but they are on the right track.
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