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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CopperSky, Feb 7, 2011.

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    We're not allowed to own small firearms up here in Canada, so could you suggest the best rifle or shot gun, a sturdy woman (180 lb.) would be able to handle with minimal effort. Someone told me a 22 LR is too light in a survival situation.
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    Many women and smaller guys here like the 20 gauge pump shotgun - Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 series are fairly inexpensive and reliable. Just as deadly in close quarters as the 12 gauge but much more manageable. Shells are easily found too.

    Another good choice is a lever-action rifle in a pistol caliber - .357Magnum (can also use .38Special). Good magazine capacity and reliability.

    Another benefit is they don't scream "TACTICAL!" People don't think badly of folks carrying the hunting shotgun or 'cowboy rifle'.
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    As far as the shotgun? The Mossberg works well for me, but I had to get the youth model...The LOP on the adult didn't work well for me...but then, I'm barely 5'1" tall...and that's on the generous side... ;)
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    I personally believe a womans stature has alot to do with the caliber she can handle.
    My wife is 4'10" 135 lbs and can handle a gun just as well if not a little better then i can. Like me she has small hands and I know handguns are frowned on in canada but if you were to come across the border, a compact pistol would be a great choice for her, in a shotgun a 16 gauge or 20 gauge works wonderfully in a womans hands but I have seen some really slender women handle a 12 gauge too. For a rifle you can go a lever action but you could also go with a scout type rifle, they range in at about 36 inches overall they are not to cumbersome in weight, though caliber selection is limited to .308 if you got her a ruger gunsite scout model I think she could handle that gun easily with practice. If she is an avid shooter you will be supriced with what a woman can handle. Good luck in your search.
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    Thank you! re best firearm for a woman

    Thank you, everyone,, this information is very helpful and gives me a place to start !
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    My wife handles a 12 gauge just fine,and shes 5'7 and 145.
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    My wife handles my Rem 870 riot 12 ga and hunts with a Marlin 45-70.
  8. beast

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    .410 is a great starter for a woman or kid to learn with
    work up from there
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    I don't know about ammo restrictions in Canada, but with the popularity of the 'Judge' line of firearms from Taurus there are several ammo manufacturers that have come up with some dynamite self defense rounds in .410.

    Check out the rounds from Winchester, the Super-X, specifically and see if you can use them in your AO.


    Here is an article about the new specialty ammo.
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    The best gun for a woman is the one she shoots best.

    Re-reading the OP I now know you're looking for long arms, I'd still suggest the one she does best with.
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    contrary damned women
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    You should read this:
    The Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth - Page 1

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    Sorry, I posted the wrong quote:

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    my wife thought she disliked shooting .30-30. Then one day we shot a Mosin Nagant, a K-31, and then the Winchester, and she fell in love.

    In other words there is no gun she "can't" shoot, and anything she "likes" today will probably be way too weak when she gets over it.

    She needs to learn to shoot, and shoot a lot, and then pick her own guns.

    If you have to choose (you don't have to, but this is an academic exercise I guess) then a 20ga shotgun, or a .357 revolver are easy because you'll end up with them in your collection anyway, no reason not to start with them. A rifle you need to have some kind of goal in mind, there's a lot of choices and it does matter... not all rifles will get all the rifle jobs done 'fairly well' the way you can generalize with a shotgun or handgun.

    Is there going to be hunting involved, or defensive shooting (not likely to be while law enforcement is still around, it would be kinda hard to justify you were "in fear for your life" at 300 yards), or just fun shooting, etc. Lots of variables to consider. She could certainly handle an AR-15 type of small-caliber semi-auto, those are mellow. Even a Garand is pleasant to shoot once you get over the noise, it just feels like you ought to be scared to shoot such a big gun, and so you are... but there's no good reason for it, and that's what you find out from the learning and the practice.
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  16. Alpha Dog

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    Mossberg makes a nice 410 I think its called the defender or home defender. They hold 5 or 6 round and a tough little gun.
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    it all depends on the woman and what she want to shoot. When it come to long arms the length of pull, (how long the stock is), is very important. If it's to long she will have to bend backward to balance the gun, thus amplifying the perceived recoil.

    When my wife went through the police academy in 1976 the range guys though it was funny to give them a long stocked Ithaca featherweight with mag loads. Just about every round knocked them on their butts. To this day my wife won't shoot a 12 gage.

    However she has her own semi 308, AK, SKS, and Glock 19 just to name a few.

    Most youth stocks will fit most females, as will the typical AK and Chi-Com SKS stocks. The adjustable AR stock should fill the bill also.

    Bottom line, let HER shoot some and let HER choose. All this whohaha about women can only handle a 22 is pure BS.

    My 65 yo neighbor wanted something to protect herself after her husband died. She ended up with a Glock 19, 870 youth 20 gage, and her late husbands Winchester 30-30. I don't suggest you trespass on her place
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    my wife started on a 38 special revolver and moved up to a 1911 pistol after the revolver ..

    We started her on 38.special ppc revolver loads and then moved up from there and she had a Ruger N1 308 rifle set up for her to use hunting and we had taylored diff load's for diff game animal's ..

    She also had a Colt AR15 carbine for her to use in the shtf type defense around the place
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    Bra Holsters

    I found this thread about women and guns... lots of good info so im reviving this thread and if this pic of women and holsters doesnt do it... Idk what will. Cuz many of these women have pushup bras on.
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