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    I'm sorry if this review doesn't belong to this place!
    I ordered four Morakniv Companion knives for personal bugout bags for my family and I could not be happier. This is really the best whittling knife I've possessed. I bought this knife from Amazon after spend all day researching here!
    – Very, very lightweight. A perfect camp knife for a bugout bag or camping pack.
    – Knife snaps tightly into the carry case and ensures that it will not fall out if you fall, slip, etc.
    – Comes sharp enough to shave with. I have not dulled one yet to see how quickly and easily it takes an edge, but the factory edge is super sharp.
    – Case is designed to put on your belt or a pack strap without having to undo the belt/strap and should hold quite well.
    – My only complaint is the lack of a lanyard hole in the knife handle. Because of the dark color of this knife I wanted to attach a brightly colored lanyard made of paracord so that if I drop the knife in the woods or water it will be easy to spot. There is none. However, there appears to be enough material at the base of the handle to allow drilling a hole into it without damaging the functionality of the knife.
    All in all I would grade this knife a 9.5/10 with only the lack of a lanyard hole being a negative.
    So when it comes to finding a solid knife for camping/hiking or survival life, I highly recommend this product - Morakniv Companion)
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    The entire Mora line is exceptional for general use and bushcraft, even crafts and to use as emergency blades due to their price and very good quality. You can start simple with the Companion or traditional wooden handled Mora's, or spend perhaps $40 or so on a Bushcraft series blade by them, and even the Garberg (which is now available in carbon steel as well as stainless) for around $80-$100.
    Bushcraft Specific:
    Mora Bushcraft Black:
    Mora Garberg (stainless):
    Mora Garberg (carbon):
    General Use/Craft:
    Mora Companion:
    Mora Craftline Robust:
    Mora No. 2 (my personal favorite for crafting and carving):

    You mentioned there's no lanyard with the Companion, and I can suggest trying the LightMyFire by Mora, with a built-in firesteel with a lanyard. This knife blade is a bit thinner than a Companion and I suggest it to be used as an emergency knife or backup.
    Mora LightMyFire:

    The thickness of the steel and size of the blade as well as the handle design will all vary from one type to another. Only the Garberg line of knives by Mora are full tang if that's what you are after.
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