Best Korea Nuke Test - everyone panic!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Feb 12, 2013.

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    This is essential to the NWO plans for our futures. If they are going to be supreme rulers of the universe then they are going to need just a wee bit more control over all of us than they have now. This means the BRICK nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea) are going to need enough weapons to nuke America and its allies. As it turns out, this is far more likely than I previously thought. I was under the impression that nukes would ruin the land for hundreds and thousands of years but its just not true. The land would be ready to go again within a few months.

    The excuse of course would be the Israeli attack on Iran who is Russia's biggest supplier of oil. It is essential for USA to be allies with Israel because we will have to defend them and be the excuse for the Russians to nuke us. Oh you haven't heard that the Russians are a super power again? Yeah they have more nukes than during the cold war so why isn't it on the news? Because its all part of the plan. Don't believe me, look it up for yourself.

    It is also important to dumb down America and create animosity with the rest of the world. If nobody has noticed, the numbers no longer add up. The US is supposed to be this big super power but if you look at the BRICK nations you will see that they have more of everything from money to weapons to people. This is not an exaggeration. Who is our ally again? Canada? England? The island? I wouldn't trust a two faced queen as far as I could spit. So what have we been building all this time? Where is our independence? We are certainly not self reliant even though we have massive resources throughout the country.

    The biggest and most important thing we could do today is to get everyone we know to plant gardens and start seed vaults. Gardening and agriculture build economies.
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    I do wonder at the maturity of the new leader. He has been displaying immaturity (Micky Mouse party) and wanting to show force. I don't know really what to believe and how far would he go? He put up the satellite and now with these tests.... Sometimes I think the US is looking for a new bad guy. Though these nuclear tests the radiation can be detected so we have to believe it is true.
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    I thought Obummer "Promised" back in '08, that he would keep North Korea from getting Nukes.... Well they got them NOW, and they are learning to make them small enough to put on Missiles.... What is WRONG with this Picture....... Inquiring Minds want to KNow.....
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    Canada can send u 4 appachees(real injuns), a cargo plane and better rations than the brits..maybe a couple rubber boats. Other than that... dont expect much.
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    meh, not much I can do about it. Not much the UN can do about it. Only one that can do anything to the N. Koreans is China. And I have no influence over them, so, meh.

    I do however love the the 'We'll increase the sanctions' Yep, that's working in Cuba really well too. N. Korea is a close society, they probably only have one internet connection and KJU has it tied up playing farmville.

    I'll just keep on keepin' on.
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    ROFL farmville...
    And Obama promised lots of things. I can't think of one promise that he's kept.
    MG_ we'll take the rations. Might come in handy. Gonna need at least 30 days worth... and a shovel.

    Lets add it all up, see what we have:
    US Pop: 313 million people
    Brick pop: appx 3 billion

    US Nukes: appx 5113
    BRICK Nukes: appx 9,000 (mostly in Russia but also unknown)

    US Navy: 288 total vessels
    BRICK Navy: unknown but at least 2186 ships and subs. China having the most impressive stealth subs. One of them launched a missile off the Los Angeles coast line and escaped undetected.

    Perhaps we should alienate more of our allies. Is there anyone left who is still on our side?
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    What? We have allies? I think it's more like acquaintances that we haven't raped yet. Don't worry Canada, We'll be nice to you. You have the tar sands and lots of trees. We needz dat.
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    enloopious that is a good question. Who is truly our allies? Maybe a third world country or two like us but most think America is arrogant.
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    QFT...pity Barry halted the pipeline to tx for votes so we sold the Tar Sands to China.
    Prolly got a better deal anyway...ya'll don't produce anything worth trading anymore.

    China dives into oil sands as U. S. balks

    Industry Minister Explains Worrisome 'Trend' In The Oil Sands

    "The federal government has reached "a level of discomfort" with foreign investment by state-owned enterprises in Canada's energy sector.
    That's the message Canada's Industry Minister is emphasizing after giving the green light to two major takeover deals; a $15.1-billion bid for Nexen Inc. by a Chinese state oil company and a $5.2-billion bid by Malaysia's Petronas for Progress Energy."
    Oh and trees? more wood till you pay your previous bill.
    Canada–United States softwood lumber dispute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Keep screwing us over and maybe we'll shut off your hydro to Cali and New York.
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    And shutting off hydro to kali and ny is a threat how ? Sounds more like a favor.

    I predict the tarsands is not over yet.
    getting that goop to the coast is probably more expensive than getting it well due south.
    Time will tell though.
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    Its funny how these things tend to work themselves out. Make things hard on people and sure a couple of the softies die but the rest get hardened like wood. If you make people have to think for themselves they will either sink or swim... hmm, think or swim... no think or sink. There, that sounds better. Think or sink. I like that. The people will either think or sink like when I was taught how to swim by being thrown in the deep end. Sure I swallowed some water but I made it to the other side.
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    I predict your ability to pay for it is in jeopardy.
    What are you gonna trade? Hollywood blockbusters?
    That's pretty funny.
    Maybe some stealth fighters might get u a bit...
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    Frankly, we're still your allies but we're getting pretty tired of being dragged into wars of aggression and screwed over when it's time to pay your bills.
    We don't need your foreign aid and we don't owe u a damn thing.
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    MG, you will accept our funny looking dollars. Mark my words. Even if the rest of the world no longer accepts it. You will, know why? Because we fricken said so.

    If you don't like it? Thats fine mr. 51st, erm, 57th erm, Oh what ever, welcome to the Union!
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    Worked well for u in 1812, eh?
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