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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Hanzo, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Since my wife took the monkeys and their friends ice skating, my plan today was to pack up an MRE and get out and set up a tarp, eat said MRE, and maybe do a review or two. I had originally thought to go to my camping area near Bear's, but ended up going to a park with some nice trees to set up under near my home. Get to the park at lunch time and they are, of all days, cutting the grass. Since the machines were driving all over the park and the cutting was churning up the bugs, I thought I would jump on a trail and hike in somewhere to set up and eat. After looking through my truck, I realized I did not pack shoes. Thought about going anyway in slippers. I've done it before.

    Discretion is the better part of valor and I didn't go. Things work out I the long run.

    So instead of cracking open the brisket MRE, I had this MRE instead.



    Yeah, chirashi is a great box lunch. And after I was done, the chef hands me a bowl of grilled ahi belly that he made along with his homemade ponzu sauce. Not on the menu, just something special he made. It pays to be a regular!!


    Here's my littlest monkey and a buddy.


    She goes hard. So after three hours, she looked whipped.


    I thought she would go for another three hours before calling it quits. She and the bigger monkey usually go 6-7 hours straight. And then come home totally wiped out. Well, I was wrong and glad I didn't jump on a trail. An hour and a half later, she said no mas and wanted daddy to come take her home. Her older sister was still going and was staying with her friends along with chaperone momma. So things work out. I was able to get the little monkey and save her from herself. I think she went too hard for too long in the beginning. But I like that about her.

    Will do the MRE and tarp shelters and gear reviews another time.

    Mrs. Hanzo is awesome! I called her the fish wife because she made the wool hat shaped like a fish, complete with fins and tail. Yeah it looks funny, but very warm. So in addition to chaperoning the kids, she was knitting wool socks and hats for soldiers, all to spec. Been doing that for years. I don't know how many heads and feet she has helped to cover. In fact, she is a charter member of the group, Socks for Soldiers.

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    Fish hat still missing eyes. And I washed down lunch with green tea. MRE dessert was a chocolate milkshake. Man, was I full! By the time I pick up the monkey, I needed a wheelbarrow for her to cart me around in.

    When I told my wife I was thinking about an MRE for lunch, she said, "MRE, Yuck!" But little did she know...
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    I like that hat !
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    Man that was some "MRE" lunch ;) When you texted... I was thinking it was going to be two pathetic old farts (you and me ;) under a tarp in the rain eating crap out of plastic and foil pouches :0)
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    That was the original plan, old man. But circumstances dictated plan B. Not complaining. Plan B's are sometimes pretty good. I wanted to play with the new hoochie. ( NOT hoochie case Mrs. Hanzo peaks in here.)
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    Yeah... gotta go with the flow and keep things fluid... ("bend like the wind" - Dune)... LOL... plan B sounds like it was a better plan... and isn't "hoochie mama" code for newly acquired "bush toys" ;)
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  7. Hanzo

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    What bushes are you playing in? Hmmm?
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  8. kellory

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    Naw, trim those bushes, and level the playing field.....;)
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    Those are the cutest kids!
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  10. cdnboy66

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    cute kids, great wife...time to experiment with MRE' of Riley you got there buddy.

    Looks good on ya
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  11. HK_User

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    Ah Hanzo, you should have been around when I was there!

    On the Sunday hikes of the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club was an Older Lady who, when she was a young girl, once delivered food to the Mil Look outs in WWll on the East and North Shore look out post that are still in place.

    Here I was on one such Sunday, all decked out in a heavy pair of REI Boots to do the day hike. The LADY appeared off a bus at the OLD Banyon Tree in the park. A knap sack made of a pillow case with the snacks and water for the trip, this day it was to start, after a car trip into the old pineapple fields, at the trails head on the middle of the Island. Her foot wear was a pair of flip flops! That day she taught me how to hike, by lifting the foot only as high as needed for each step up the mountain side. Sounds simple yes? But by saving a bit of energy with each step the trails were easier after that.

    The old ways are sometimes better.

  12. Hanzo

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    Awesome! I've hiked in slippers before. Wish I could have met you. Not too late. When are you visiting?

    Since I have kids and am the sole breadwinner, I tend to err on the side of caution. Don't want the wife to have to collect insurance. ;) In other words, I turned into a wus (sp?).
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  13. BTPost

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    Nat a wuss, @Hanzo a "Smart " Father & Husband..... Who takes his family, and responsibilities SERIOUSLY...... This is the measure of a Man....
    1. His Word....
    2. His Family.....
    3. Everything else......

    ...... OMMV......
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    What a great post!... @HK_User .... in my old age I am learning a lot from watching, listening and remembering what "older" folks have done, said or taught me... simple works... and you have most what you really need on you everyday... just make sure that stuff between your ears is functioning all the time ;)

    Thanks for sharing and agreed.... "The old ways are sometimes better" indeed...


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  15. HK_User

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    I could arrive at any time! Been back a few times and the last was in 2003. I did a trip to the Big Island and wrote a paper
    Topic: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and U.S. Submarines in the Vietnam War
    In Completion of Requirements
    GEOL 4863-030 Problems Course / Summer 2003

    The funny part is I was there in 1995 for the Geology and the Volcanology Trip.

    A few years later, 2003, I got around to finishing the paper!

    Good Prof for sure.
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  16. Hanzo

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    Look me up if you come.
  17. HK_User

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    Will Do.
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  18. Bear

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    Me too please ! ;)
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  19. HK_User

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    Not a problem, just as long as the plane does not end up off OZZ!
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