Best uses for the UN rag I mean flag

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    I was looking around the web for UN toilet paper and found this so figured I would copy it here.

    101 Ways To Use The U.N. Flag
    Borrowed from the Idaho Observer

    Air-sickness bags (put the UN logo inside the bag - no point in making people sick just by seeing the bag)

    Artillery reference point - to fire at for effect

    Bath towel - to wipe certain body parts

    Bird cage liner

    Burn at patriotic rallies

    Candle/lamp wicks

    Cat bed liner - to keep the fleas off your good blankie

    Cat box liner

    Cat litter

    Cat scratching post - to wrap around the post and let your cat get its claws into - good kitty!!!

    Chainsaw wipe down rag

    Chimney sweep rag

    Chimney sweep tarp - to protect your carpet from soot


    Corpse blanket to wrap up the dead politicians, BATF, FBI, FEMA, etc., or anyone else who tries to collect our guns.

    Dart board backdrop

    Diapers - turned out, not in

    Dipstick rag carried under the hood of your vehicle

    Dog urine wheel protectors

    Doggy chastity belt

    Doggy chew toy

    Dog poop cleaner upper

    Doormats - to wipe muddy feet on, at home or place of business

    Dryer vent filter/lint catcher

    Drop cloth - to use while you are painting and other dirty jobs

    Dust rag

    Emergency heating fuel - burn in fireplace

    Feminine napkins

    Fill material in nuclear waste shipping containers

    Filler material in roofing shingles

    Fire starter - soak in kerosene

    Food - to cram down the throats of crooked politicians, lawyers, and judges

    Food wrapper - to wrap spoiled food in; especially good for rotten fish parts

    Garage - if your car has oil leaks, you should have one under it to keep garage clean

    Garbage can liner

    Goat feed - to feed your goats - except your favorite one, of course

    Gun cleaning rags, sold at gun shows

    Gutter rag

    Handkerchief - use to blow your nose on

    Hang one out the bottom of your driver's door, into the street, dragging through the mud as an excellent way to initiate a UN conversation

    Ink blotter


    Kitchen towel - to clean up all the grease and grime & keep your other towels clean

    Molotov cocktails


    Mud flaps

    Nuclear waste filler - put in nuclear waste containers

    On the floor under junior's high chair for food droppings

    Outhouse wallpaper - tack up on the outhouse walls (could be used for TP later

    Outhouse wipes (use with caution, may cause rash)

    Overalls - put them on the butt of your bib overalls

    Paint brush cleaning rag - to clean up all your old paint brushes with

    Paint filter - use to strain your old paint with

    Panty hose laundry bag - tie up your panty hose in them when you wash them

    Print them on rolls of toilet paper

    Puppy house-training - Scotchgard coated for repeated use

    Put it in a jar of urine and call it art

    Road patch - place flag in pothole, pour tar generously, pack down

    Suppositories - for Bill and Hillary to use

    Send to drug king pins (or CIA) for wrapping illegal drugs

    Shoe polish rag

    Shop rags

    Table cloth - for when your one-year old grandchild is coming over

    Targets - add numbers to the lines of latitude and you've got an excellent range target

    Temporary gas cap

    Test acids on

    Toilet seat liner - drape over the toilet seat for sanitation reasons; flush after use

    Trench liner - to line slit trenches with

    Under grandpa's spittoon

    Vomit bucket, when you have stomach flu

    Wrap spoiled food in, for disposal
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    In place of Depens in old folk's homes. :D
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    Catch the gut pile on when butchering, just keep it off the meat so it dosent taint it.

    Think if I get the chance should pick one up for a foot mat for June.
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