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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Jeff Brackett, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Jeff Brackett

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    The woman constantly surprises me. Some of you might recall how carefully I had to coax my better half into accepting some of my prepping ideas - especially the use of firearms. She has embraced our bi-weekly "date nights" at the shooting range with much more enthusiasm than I ever had a right to expect.

    She's been complaining about having trouble with her accuracy at the 25 yd mark, and I had mentioned last week that she shouldn't be so hard on herself, and that there are limitations as to what we can be expected to accomplish with bottom of the line handguns (she has a 9mm SIG sp2022, I have 9mm Glock 17). It was several weeks ago that I made that comment, but last night she turned to me out of the blue and said, "I've been thinking about what you said and I think we should invest in a couple of better quality pistols. We can keep the old ones upstairs in case we're up there if we need to get to one, and we'll keep our carry pieces downstairs with us. Of course, we can't afford to do that until after we get our CHLs."

    BEST WIFE EVER!! [hrt]
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    My wife started off as one of the best from day one.....

    My wedding gift from her was a Kimber 1911 Custom II....our first X-Mas together I got a Dillon Precision RL550B....last X-Mas was a Glock 27 Gen 4.

    She has been good to me.
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  3. HK_User

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    I too was lucky, my wife gave me a Sig 226 "just for"!

    In return I bought a 22 conversion for it so we could have more practice time and then I gave her a Sig239 when she signed up for her CHL.

    Gotta love togatherness in a marriage.
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  4. Pax Mentis

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    Mine doesn't buy me guns, but never complains at all when I buy them.

    She might grumble a bit over a new computer or a quad or any number of other "toys" I buy, but never guns.

    If I start getting testy, she sends me out back to the range and makes me play outside [sawgunner]
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    Ditto Pax. Mine has never bought me a gun but never complains when I buy one. She would rather leave it up to me to get what I want.
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    If I get testy, will she send me out to the range?[kissit] [gun]
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