Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Here’s How To Spot It

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    Then don't look.... all good...
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    Buy US grown rice.
    Problem solved.
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    Plastic rice tell me it isn't so China would never poison people or make them sick it would ruin their trust and businesses--well it hasn't

    2007 Chinese toothpaste was found to be toxic and we were told to throw it out, it containing diethylene glycol

    2007 Chinese products comprised 467 recalls and 100% of it's toys in 24 categories.

    In 2008 the Chinese milk scandal that killed Chinese and made 53,000 sick if they have no conscience about harming their children do you think they care about anyone else's. it was not a crime until the manufacturer was caught.

    In 2015 petco pulled Chinese dog treats off the shelves for mysterious illnesses and deaths of dogs. FDA update: Jerky treats sickened 6,200 dogs, killed 1,140 The illness reports also involved 26 cats and three people. Its bad to club a baby seal but it is not an issue when the poison our personal pets as far as I see it since all these animal rights have done nothing to stop poison animals toys and food products from coming in.

    Chinese sheet rock was found to be toxic, next to having black mold this might be worse, if you buy a home you may want to check on that.

    There are many articles presently that explain 50% of toys from China have toxins.

    With all the animal lovers, single parents vegans and just wingnuts that jump on every food or drink including the academic left arm of the FDA spouting off that everything is bad for you, you would think that there would be an outcry so enormous we would not accept any food goods from China. well don't hold your breath it's about money and they all get a piece of the pie and you get an increase on your medical premiums.

    Mental retardation is rampant illiteracy must be monumental because even a blind dog could find this information, as it is not harped on day after day like Trump it's a non issue. Under Clinton we had the most Chinese import increases in competing products undermining U.S. jobs so, since most of the media is biased for the Clinton's we cannot have that discussion can we.

    The old saying it is better to ask for forgiveness that ask permission is partially at work here if they do not get turned back at the dock they get paid if they have to return the money they have already invested it in American debt so their making money on our money in perpetuity so the original money even though returned is still screwing us. Analogy it is like me taking a loan from you buying a junk car, selling it to you with high interest and loaning you your money back.

    A really bad old Joke: you know why there are no Jews in China, too much competition.
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    It would be more environmentally friendly if they would make their plastic from rice. :LOL:
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    Oh, that is that low carb stuff, right ? :D
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    It's not just the rice

    Imported Chinese Tilapia Are Raised on Feces

    Is the water in China a toxic brew?

    the fish seems to say it is - this is just one of 10 most recent mass fish kills in China....

    I will not buy food from china, with the exception of black tea.
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