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    Ok, I have 2 months to find a job or it is back to esl teaching for me overseas. I have created this design for a home that can be pulled on a bike and is powered by solar. I am hoping for suggestions to improve the design. The slope roof has two positions. 1 for camping at a park and a beach. 2. The second position gives the chance for a full size roof at 7.2 feet height. [​IMG]
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    Can you share a little more detail with us GA? Not discounting your idea, I'm just having a hard time with anything large enough to contain a shower and a toilet being towed by a bicycle. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here?
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    GA, I'm having problems envisioning this in 24 sq feet.
    First off, where are you located, warm climate I would hope.
    What material are you going to use, it is hard or soft sided.
    I take it that the storage is under the base.
    for the shower i'd make it a solar shower not internal to the unit. Same goes for the kitchen and toilet.
    Does it fold flat ? Wind might be a problem (cross or pushing)
    what do you anticipate it weighing.

    Need a little bit more detail to be able to assist in the endeavor.
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    A Works Man Three wheel might be able to tow it, it if it has electric motor assist.
    Or you can tie three big dogs to the front of it, my friend has one powered like that. Mush!
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