Biden going to take one for the team?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I've seen a lot of comments by pundits AND GOP Congressmen recently that Biden isn't all there--"not fit for public office much less the presidency" (paraphrased).

    The Kenyan has 23 days to choose someone else. Between now and that time, my money says that Biden will continue to show aberrant behavior that will almost force the Kenyan to select another, more energizing, running mate.
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    Has that ever happened before? A sitting president changing out VPs to run for second term? I could google it but I'm lazy.
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    Who would he choose ?

    If he chooses Hillary, will he commit arkancide a little later ?

    It's funny, just today a friend said he would rather have Biden be president, as he said "Better a buffoon than someone who is purposely wrecking the country"
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    Hannibal Hamlin and Henry Wallace were not selected for a 2nd term by their presidents.

    This list shows which ones weren't nominated for a 2nd term:
    • Aaron Burr was not renominated by Thomas Jefferson in 1804. Burr had killed Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel and was later tried, but not convicted, of treason for trying to help parts of the United States secede.
    • John C. Calhoun was not renominated by John Quincy Adams in 1828. Instead, Calhoun ran with Andrew Jackson and was victorious, thereby serving his two terms with two different presidents.
    • Richard Johnson was not renominated by Martin Van Buren in 1840, but was one of three candidates for vice president running on the Democratic ticket. Along with Johnson were Littleton Waller Tazewell and James Polk. Johnson, however, was recognized as the official nominee.
    • Hannibal Hamlin was not renominated by Abraham Lincoln in 1864, and was replaced by Andrew Johnson.
    • Schuyler Colfax was not renominated by Ulysses S. Grant in 1872.
    • Thomas Hendricks was not renominated by Grover Cleveland in 1888 due to the fact that he had passed away in office in 1885. Cleveland campaigned with Allen Gransberry Thurman in 1888 and was defeated by Benjamin Harrison.
    • Levi Morton was not renominated by Benjamin Harrison in 1892, who instead chose Whitelaw Reid as his running mate. Harrison and Reid lost that election to Grover Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson.
    • Garret Hobart died in 1899 and therefore was not renominated by William McKinley in 1900.
    • Henry Wallace was not renominated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, replaced on the ticket by Harry Truman.
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    Obama is so arrogant, he chose Joe Biden for Vice President just to prove he didn't need one. The most arrogant man in the world.
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    mental midget.
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    And I was worried about Dan Quayle when he was VP. I was thinking 'Oh please don't let anything happen to Bush'
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    The way Biden has so often embarrassed his Party, it's a wonder he hasn't been 'Fosterized' yet. Ofcourse, the same can be said for the illegal kenyan.
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  11. ghrit

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    Trouble is, many sheep think Biden is the cat's meow, in spite of his puerile gaffs that lend an aura of charm. Zero should ditch him for (say) Hillery or Billy Blue Dress. (Either one would open the door for Billy to take another run at the Oval Office, which is permitted after waiting out a term, much less two.) Who would fill in for Hillery at State becomes an interesting question. How about putting Holder there are getting rid of a serious embarrassment with what Dr. Peter calls percussive sublimation, or maybe just a sideways shunt? (Holder is already one or two steps above his level of incompetence.) Pure speculation, of course, and of limited value.

    I like Biden where he is, he can make the power party look dumber than a fire hydrant, and if something puts zero down, Biden can't find enough brain to harm the nation beyond embarrassment. We are used to that, aren't we?
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  13. TwoCrows

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    But can Obama admit he made a mistake ?

    He is such an arrogant narcissist that I wonder if he can ?

    Or will Biden step down "on his own" ?
  14. ghrit

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    Zero will not admit to the mistake, no chance and for the reason you cite. The spin will be to make it clear that the opportunity came along to enhance both of the idiot's positions and responsibilities since they've performed well where they are. Biden could step down, an admirable way of telling the world that his usefulness to the administration has been fulfilled. Hate to see him go ---

    More likely is a followup to the daily briefing. Hillery must have some classified insight for the high priced help only.
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    You're right....Biden will step down on his own citing medical reasons during a news conference that will be all hugs and kisses and the ensuing news orgy will drown out any talk of reality.

    Perhaps the Kenyan should take the opportunity to try and install the first woman AND native American in the VP slot. That would win over some votes...and any further talk of impropriety on documents would be met with an executive order to be assimilated or be banished to Idaho.

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    Man...what a missed opportunity. Selecting someone else would create a feverish pitch among liberals if the person were far left.

    On the other hand, perhaps Obama couldn't take, after you get out of college living with a roommate for so long, then you live by yourself a while, there'd be no way to go back to having a roommate.

    Put another way, Obama likes NOT having a VP.
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    I kinda think it's 50/50 on getting Biden out and Billlary in. If so, and I was O, I'd sure keep an eye on my 6.

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    Keep an eye on Hillary. She's been doing a lot of strange things with her hair styling and weird "Nehru jacket" clothing lately like she's searching for an image that is a "new Hillary" after 4 years outside the country as a roving Sec State. Also, she pulled back from officially endorsing the UN Small Arms Treaty last month (too controversial for so close to the Dem primary and November election).
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    This is kind of funny and on point

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