Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is Only a Press Release, It Doesn't Actually Exist

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    that is the claim here...

    Get the COVID shot, Joe Biden demanded a few weeks ago.

    Each business with over a hundred employees must see that each worker gets the jab, he said.

    You must get the shot, Biden reiterated. You must, you must, you must.

    Immediately, companies complied. If you’re a nurse and you’ve been a hero through the pandemic, you will be required to get the vaccine. Sorry, if you don’t want to get the shot, you won’t have a job. Bye.

    Same to you if you are a police officer, a firefighter, a soldier, a sailor, or a Marine.

    Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is Only a Press Release, It Doesn't Actually Exist
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  2. Ura-Ki

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  3. BTPost

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    The ultimate “Fake News Story” This is totally hilarious… So Slo-Joe issues a Press Release, and 150 million citizens believe it is a LAW, and decide IF they will comply or NOT…. Hey Joe… Go stick it where the Sun Don’t Shine….

    and ya’ll (Demoncrates) thought The OrangeMan was doing illegal shit…
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  4. Brokor

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    Texas Governor already gave Joe the middle finger. I've no doubt Florida will, too.
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  5. oil pan 4

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    It's ammunition for the biden sycophants who happen to be in charge at a company to try and force people to get the shot.
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  7. Bandit99

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    Well, yes it is illegal however it is very, VERY real so I don't know what the hell this guy is talking about.

    I know a lot of people that are losing their jobs because they won't get the jab. In a nutshell, they're given no choice, since they will lose their job if they refuse. Blackmail? They don't want the jab but bills got to be paid and kids got to be fed and clothed. And, our POS President acts like this is some great thing...

    So, call me weird but I think that is REAL and does EXIST.
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  8. Ura-Ki

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    Mark of the beast, the great deception, the great deciever calling his minions to him, the battle has just begun!

    BTW, in ancient Greek, Mark ( of the Beast) can be translated to Prick, ( To prick the skin), even in Latin, it's very close, the Mark or Number of his name being referenced in the scriptures is only a reference to, a modern interpretation of the ancient texts and their meanings!
  9. Brokor

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    Yeah, that's quite enough of that, please. We can start a thread on this in the proper section, if needed.
    But, on subject you can claim a religious exemption for most things, why not a vaccine that doesn't do anything besides promote tyranny?
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  10. Wildbilly

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    The only alternative would be to quit your job that requires the jab and seek employment in a small business that doesn't demand that you get the shot. You might want to take a leave of absence, many employers allow that for further education or to care for a sick/aged relative. You might also want to consider relocating to an area or state that is against mandates. Luckily the housing market is booming and you could sell in order to finance a move to a less expensive/restrictive area. You could dip into your savings, maybe even your IRA or 401k . My Nephew's family has had the Rona, he and his 6 year old son haven't been vaxxed, but his wife is a nurse and had to get a shot. My Nephew is an engineer and can work from home. My Great-Nephew is in kindergarten, and my Nephew has said that he will home school his son if children are required to be vaxxed, and I offered to help him! Lucky for them they had just sold their house in the city and moved home just as the pandemic started and had good investments, so they are sitting on a pile of cash. Their plan was to build, but are now buying a nice place less than 2 miles from me and other family. He's not a prepper, but he stumbled into a nice little doomstead...13 acres with an 8 year old house, pool, barn, pond and NG stand-by generator/heat.
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  11. Wildbilly

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    Most likely in reference to a tattoo.
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  12. Airtime

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    Many nurses, teachers, LEOs, firefighters, airline folks, et al being forced to get the jab do have the option to get fired and find another job, granted it may pay less, retirement accrual may be lost, etc. But at least they do have some choice if they really don’t want the jab.
    My sympathies are with the members in the military. They are really stuck, so to speak. Get the jab or risk punishment which may include court marshal, jail and/or worse, dishonorable discharge which is like having a felony conviction. Resignation or retirement may not be options for many.
    If you are older, the odds of vaccine roulette are better than the rona roulette and likely worth playing. Risking your life and limb for the country is one thing but if you survived rona roulette already or if you are young and healthy there is absolutely no reason to take the vaccine risk to your life or health.
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  13. BTPost

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    CEO of Southwest Airlines dropped the mandated Vax policy for his company, today… Big win for Personal Rights, and BIG Failure for Slo-Joe…
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  14. oil pan 4

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    What if your religion is liberty?
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  15. Yard Dart

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    A good friend of mine in JSOC is sitting at 18 years and looking at retirement in the coming years.
    Command came down recently saying they had to get the jab....or get the ETS papers.
    He had no choice, or vacate his retirement... I feel for sucks, but he got stuck.
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  16. enloopious

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    Also the "approved" vaccine doesn't exist either. There is a reason for this. It's called Nuremberg/Nurnberg. That is the (lame) argument they are going to use to TRY to avoid being hanged when their plan fails, as it will. Now if you believe in the Bible and Satanists there is another reason. That is because the People must submit to Satan willingly. They can not be forced to take the Mark of the Beast. They must do it on their own and as we all know the law says that ignorance is no excuse. Let him who would be deceived be deceived. ~ legal maxim.

    Nuremberg principles - Wikipedia
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  17. oil pan 4

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    Never had a satanic worshiper try to kill me. Had plenty of those who follow the murdering pedophile try.
    History has shown us the side who kills babies and/or forces people to undergo medical procedures are guaranteed to be the "bad guys".
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  18. Brokor

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    Let's not turn this into a religious discussion here, folks. [winkthumb]
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  19. Cruisin Sloth

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    Id really think hard ! about a jab !

    Numerous whistleblowers have said that most numbers can be multiplied by 5 to get the true number of adverse reactions…

    No medical program has been allowed to get anywhere close to these numbers, so why are we allowing it now?

    Why are we being asked (or forced) to join a massive-scale human study?

    Dr, Ealy’s information revealed the following…

    As of September 17, 2021, the CDC reports that there have been at least 726,965 reports of experimental COVID post-inoculation adverse events.

    These reports include:

    • 15,386 deaths
    • 5,178 deaths within 48 hours of inoculation

    • 20,789 persons permanently disabled

    • 16,057 persons experiencing life-threatening situations

    • 66,642 hospitalizations

    • And 7,267 heart attacks all post-inoculation
    You can’t walk away from this kind of data…

    >>> Click here to see the full story that Dr. Ealy shared in Part 3 of our 5 part mini-series (it’s free for you to watch)

    link where i got info :
    COVID-19 Post-inoculation Injury with Dr. Henry Ealy Part 3
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  20. Wildbilly

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    FYI, I am fully vaccinated, have been for about 6 months. The biggest reason that I took the jab, was the people that I love 82 year old Mother, four Nieces that are Type 1, and a BIL that has a host of health problems. I can't work from home and I can't afford to retire...not yet! So everyday I went to work, wore my mask, washed my hands, decontaminated everyday when I got home, and prayed that I didn't get sick and infect others. Then I did it again and again...for two years! However, I was torn when it came to the "vaccine"... I'm 62 and active, but people younger and in better health were dying.. I remembered the 1976 Swine Flu fiasco and wanted no part of some rushed to production "cure" ...finally I was just tired of everyone being afraid of one another I got the shot! I didn't have much time to really consider the matter, I was on a waiting list, they called and asked if I could be there in 30 minutes! I must admit to a feeling of relief after I got the first jab, almost as much as I had after my Mother got her shot. I must say that it has been worth it as the sense of security, ever if it turns out not to be real, has allowed my family to really enjoy this past summer together. I am aware of some of the dangers that might be associated with the "vaccine" and I'm looking into supplements that might counter any future threat of blood clots that could cause organ failure.
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