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  1. Turtle

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    Does anyone know where i can buy a cold weather sleeping bag suited for the " generously portionned " ? I'm willing to pay for for high quality value but like everyone i am on a budget...preferably under 150 $.

    any help is greatly appreciated :oops:)
  2. Theocrat

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    Sams or Costco had a nice oversized one last season, I bought two or three and have slept in one and I like it a lot. I am 6'-2" and 300 pounds so I would call that oversized. They have a nice water proof/resistant bottom. I checked sams and costcos website and I do not see the one I bought listed there. I will check next time I go there and see if they still have any. I will also check the make and model number tonight and get back with you on that.
  3. Seacowboys

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    a google of "Extra-large sleeping bags" turned of ones made by most of the manufactures, including Northface, which makes some really decent gear.
  4. BTPost

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    REI had a "Kit", years ago, that You, or your Lady friend, could sew up, that featured either Goose Down, or Synthetic Fluff...
    We bought a couple of these, and Momma sewed them up, with Synthertic Fluff on the Bottom, and Goose Down on the top.
    I believe they were "FrostLine Kits".... ..... You could make them any size you need..... YM & Size MV......
  5. Turtle

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    Thanks for the help ...i think i probably have it narrowed to 2 or 3 bags which i will pull the trigger on around xmas time.
  6. KAS

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    i like ging to cabelas "bargain cave " .. they also have a bargain cave on there website!
    You cant beat that REI return policey ...
  7. -06

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    Also 6'2" and finding a lengthy bag was a treat. Synthetic "0" bag sure beats my old lumpy cold spotted down bag. It was a mummy and was not very spacious. Before buying get in that thing and roll around a bit. Can you turn over easily or have room for your morning's clothes? I glued on some Velcro strips so exiting can be quick if necessary. Zipper still in place but paranoia makes me not want to use it.
  8. CATO

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    Check out Alps Mountaineering. You can generally find them on sale for < $100.

    What you're looking for is width at the shoulder. But, don't get a "long" if you aren't tall. You don't want a bunch of dead space at the bottom of your's just more room that you have to heat up.

    One of the bags they have out now is made from a stretchy material so you can move around in it and get in the fetal pos. if that's how you sleep. I think it's pricey.

    Also check out the govt. auction site. They usually have new and used ECWS bags on there.
  9. Sherman

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    LL Bean is great for a lot of stuff, I have several bags (2 oversize) a tent and other gear. LL Bean offers a lifetime guarantee that is outstanding! I burned a whole in fleece vest, they fixed no charge, I broke a tent pole and ripped a whole in tent, they fixed no charge. I use one of my bags every night for 15 yrs, still holding up! talk about value
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    Thread drift alert:
    What I'd like to find is a mummy bag 96 inches long with a zipper on the top going down the middle (center of torso, from the neck down) so I don't have to perform acrobatics to zip up or get outta the dang bag.

    There was one I saw on line a couple years ago that was like a big fluffy jumpsuit.
    Think sleeping bag with arms & legs. I'd settle for that if I could ever find it again.
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    Catheter down your leg?;)
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    Motorman's helper?
  15. kellory

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    Don't know that one.
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    I am 65 years old and have worn a Bard-McGuire male urinal since I was 4" You would think he would have figured out the process at some time in-between:eek: ...
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    Um, that was a direct quote from a customer at the last link.... not me....:p
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    did anyone else read the reviews on this urinal thingy...
    One yahoo said "its ok but most rubber sheath urinals"

    Is there a bunch more on the market ... y am i just finding out about this ????

    This maybe one of the most informative threads on this hole website.....

    Thank you MEN ....
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