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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajax, May 10, 2012.

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    So far the system has worked great, about 8 months. But this last fill up I noticed it was filtering way too fast so I started looking at it and noticed that the plastic cap and spout that the filter sits in was very lose and came apart with just a little pressure, it was siliconed in which I guess is normal but I don't know why it would have come apart other than it is defective.

    I also noticed that you have to tighen the filters down pretty good but the problem is the weak plastic nut seems like it barely holds out enough to tighten the filter down right.

    So main questions are.....

    1. If I call the company, New Millinium Concepts will they replace the filters as defective? I bought it from a dealer on Ebay, someone that sold thousands of them as a business.

    2. I remember hearing about a defect with the black filters for a short period but they were all supposed to be replaced, is this the problem they had?

    3. Has anyone else noticed it seems hard to tighten the filters down right without stripping the nut? Has anyone done a modification to fix this problem?

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    There is a tiny little date stamped on the plastic base of the filter. If yours fall within the defective period you should be able to get them replaced for free. This document details the problem and return process.

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    ya sounds like there is a tear or some type of bypass within the membrane of the filter. make sure everything is sealed well also
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