BIG BORE 909 .45 Cal Precharged Pneumatic Air rifle

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    Directions for use:

    1. Push the cartridge chamber cap.
    2. Load pellet.
    3. Pull the cartridge chamber cap.
    4. Aim the rifle and pull the trigger with bated breath after loading.
    Safely operation Push safety forward for "Fire".
    Push safety backward for "Safe".
    [​IMG][​IMG] Rear Sight Adjustment
    Evaluation adjustment:
    Raise: Turn adjustment screw on top of sight to the left.
    Lower: Turn adjustment screw on top of sight to the right.
    Windage adjustment:
    Left: Turn adjustment screw on the right side of sight to the left.
    Right: Turn adjustment screw on the right side of sight to the right.
    Filling Method

    1. Fill air from 170 kg/cm2 to 200kg/cm2
    in air reservoir using air compressor
    or user's own method (Webley pump).
    2. Close the value.
    3. When the pressure of air reservoir decreases to 110 kg/cm2,
    Refill reservoir to 170 kg/cm2 - 200 kg/cm2. [​IMG]

    Any gun or airgun is dangerous when handled improperly. The "BIG BORE" is especially powerful, so it must be taken seriously at all times. Take some time to review the safety rules that follow.

    1. Airgun safety
    Airguns are unique, in that they store or provide the power for the shots-not the ammunition. Think about that. The GUN is the power source, not the ammunition. What that means is that this airgun, if loaded with a nail, a pencil or any other potential projectile, can be just as dangerous as if it is loaded with the correct ammunition. NEVER put anything into the barrel of this airgun other than good quality lead airgun pellets.

    2. Three important safety rules
    1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Safe means that, if the gun discharged, it would not cause injury or property damage.
    2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
    3. Never load the gun until you are ready to shoot.

    Big Bore 909 .45 cal air rifle manual
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    Career Air Rifle Dragon Slayer
    Combo .50 Caliber Big Bore by ShinSung PCP

    Dragon precharged air rifle. Beautiful hardwood chequered stock. Rubber butt pad, new side-lever action, built-in air pressure gauge. The new Dragon model is redesigned to be better balanced for more convenient operation and hassle-free handling. Aluminum Leapers Bi-Pod, Range Estimating A.O. Scope 4-16x56 AccuShot 30mm Tube Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT)
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    :shock: Sweet.

    I woudl like to find a full auto one myself, with a high capacity magazine.
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    Well it wouldn't be a "firearm" would it, I'm sure some do -gooder congesscritter will decry the airgun crisis! I'm starting to take an interest in adult air rifles,garden variety the.22and.177's
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    Man, Tango..... That must've been one helluva party you had been to in that pic!
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    Man I'm glad I wasn't trying to eat or drink anything because it would have been all over my screen.

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    " Uh hello on-star?"

    "I don' 'member mush..".[lolol][booze][booze][lolol]
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    I think I'm in love!"[lolol]

    welcome to walmart!
    Guy asked if I wanted a cart,

    next thing I know three guys got my wallet my keys,clothes
    and they left' me like dis: bastids.!!
    ( that is an air force emblem on the hat but that ain't me(yet) thank god.[lolol]
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